Sai Satcharitra Parayan to get Visa & Peaceful Life Devotee From India

Hi All Sai Devotees,

 What i like about this leela is that we usually never feel like reading sai satcharitra when we are in pain or upset with life. Even during such time, if we whole heartedly believe that saibaba of shirdi is going to help us and read it with devotion, surely sai wll show a way… Now read the experience !.

I promised baba that when tough times pass i will share my experience with everyone because i also want to let others know how miracles happen in life with his grace

Sometime Mid 2011 I had a dream in which i saw “Iwas cleaning and dusting a room full of books and suddenly as i was cleaning i saw a maroon colour book named “sai sat charitra” it was written in silver colour “. The dream ended

i had just then relcoated to the US since i got married and had carried sai satcharitra with me.But never read it.

I was shocked by my dream because i was never even thinking in my subconscious level of the book.i decided to read the book.I started reading it but was very irregular , i then got bored so i  was not showing any devotion at all.I have read SRi guru charitra with immense faith so i used to think this sai satcharitra is nothing but a bore.

Datta jayanthi was fast approaching so i wanted to do datta saptah as a mark of devotion but unknowingly i decided i will finish sai satcharitra FIRST and then read the other one.I again didnt stand up to my word and since i was running out of time i said its ok leave it let me just read guru charitra.I did it in 3 days following all rules of abstinence and left for india for my VISA renewal.I then decided i will get back to the US and then complete reading sai charitra.

The day we left for india was dec 13th and that morning we recd an email saying there is some problem with visa papers but we can go ahead with our plans and company will send papers to us in india and then we can go for interview.

dec 13th to early feb we waited for documents which never came.There was a problem and things were getting delayed despite providing solution.My husband started working in india since jan 1st itself his company has been very considerate towards him by babas grace.MY husband was also feeling low but he never poured it out because everyone where asking why it is getting delayed plus we wanted to go back home also.

In feb i did 1 saptah of sri guru charitra.After doing it after 1 week we came to know lawyer forgot to send the papers to embassy for approval and we still had 1 week time left for last date so then they hurriedly sent.

My husband was first angry when he came to know because it was sent to lawyer on jan 15th so for nearly 45 days it was lying in the draw.I was angry too But then i told ok this is fate as meanwhile my husband was working on sumtin else and that became a success and it even got published in news papers.

something unbelievable happened next, i suddenly realised i have been unfaithful to god by not finishing my sai satcharitra book so i said i will start reading it with full concentration and devotion.I started reading on March 5th monday to march 11th sunday.I decided to do weekly parayan and while doing it for the first time i felt i should do it 3 times back to back.i wanted to do it.

I used to check website a lot for status regarding those papers but then i decided baba himself will tell me abt it only then i will check.On march 12th my husband checks website it says papers have been approved ! miracle and babas grace.Baba told me through my husband 3 days later.We were together only all this time.

I then started the 2nd parayan from mon to sunday and the third parayan i decided to start with 3 days gap on thursday and finish it on wednesday.BY babas grace i managed to complete the parayan 3 times without any difficulty

Now watever i do whenever i eat i first think of baba and then eat.Its become my habit.I hope this habit lives forever.I feel so good thinking abt him and then taking my meal.I even put prasad for him before i eat coz i believe he does come and eat.

I got a dream which said i will get papers by raam navami . I ignored the dream

Meanwhile i came upon this saibaba answers site and was anxious to know when the papers will reach us in india so i clicked on the button which says “baba answers questions” in the link here.First 2 times i asked, it gave vague answers next day i did and it said ” all ur problems will vanish around raam navami and u will attend a religious event”

Then i was stunned how can baba answer same as my dream?Raam navami was on march 31st and we received papers on march 29th so my those words came true.Meanwhile by the time my 3rd saptah finished all papers were couriered to us and we received it on a thursday , 1 day after finishing my 3rd saptah that is.

I was wondering what the religious event cud be but 3 days later i came to know it is grand fathers death anniversary so they have called a priest home to do the rituals.

We booked interview date we didnt get in first week of april i unknowingly thought if i get thursday it will be nice then we got a date in 2nd week i was so angry because 2 weeks time was there for the interview and i thought its waste of time waiting.

thenI looked at calender and it said thursday and i smiled and thanked baba and apologised to baba mentioning i was silly.

April 12th was the interview date , i wasnt well 2 days prior to it again as usual i was scared .I went onto the website mentioned above and now i got an answer chant “Om sai samarth for 21 days all ur obstacles will go away.

I know my obstacles were going away the minute i started reading holy books.But then i decided to chant.every time i did it would bring about a sea of calmness in my chest.On the day of the interview I was chanting “Om sai samarth” all through from home till i reached the consulate and even during the interview as my husband was the one answering and strangely the visa officer didnt even look at me or ask me any question.This was a couple interview so we went together.

on the way to the consulate i wanted to see sai’s name or photo we stopped at a signal i was looking to the left at some shop and then i suddenly turned right to see sairam’s photo stuck in the front of an auto.Thats it.It sealed my faith.I was so overjoyed and my eyes were covered a tiny layer of water.

In the evening we also went to the temple to attend the dhoop aarthi since it was thursday and for the first time the songs that i heard online i heard it in person my voice choked as i sang , i cried within.I cud just feel it.

the 1st time i went to this temple we went late and now we went ontime and even got to sit in the front row.

All i can say is “Om sairam

Hope you understood the greatness of Sai Satcharitra from this dream friends


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