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Sai Saved me from life threatening disease -Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am alive only because of Baba. I don’t know any better way to introduce myself.

Baba pulled me towards Him during my teenage and has helped me and my family through many difficulties over the years. But, my most recent experience is the one I am most thankful for. I cannot thank Baba enough for this. My Amma has been a BP patient for a long time, but was able to keep itunder control until few months back. Her BP suddenly shot up badly with breathlessness and fluid accumulation. The cardiologist we went to told us to see a nephrologists as he suspected some kidney damage.

We went to a nephrologists last week. He gave some tests and after seeing her reports, he told us she has to undergo biopsy. The moment we heard the word biopsy, we got very worried, as in most cases doctors suggest a biopsy only to rule out cancer. Also, he told her to undergo some urine tests, which when I read on the internet were all to screen for cancer. Her protein content in the urine was very high, which in some cases is due to cancer cells. I was first of all very scared about how painful the biopsy might be to my Amma as she is quite aged and then I was totally paranoid about what the reports might hold. I can’t explain how much worried I was until I got the reports.

I was not able to eat, not able to concentrate on my work and I kept bursting into tears. My Mother also became dull during those days as she guessed what the tests were for. Also, both her parents had succumbed to cancer, so could not fool her about any of the tests. My only solace was our Dear Baba. I kept crying and praying to Baba that it should not be cancer, but let it be some issue, which is treatable by medicines. On the day of biopsy, when we went out of our house, a black dog came in front of us and immediately we were relieved. We knew Baba is with us. Needless to say, the biopsy was done by a very good doctor and was totally painless without any complications. She was discharged the same day. From the day of the biopsy till the reports came I kept reading this blog and other sites about Baba’s Leelasand it gave me immense relief. Also, I refrained myself from reading more information on the internetabout possible diseases.

Baba kept leading me to experiences, which were about curing cancer and similar situations like mine where the Devotees were praying for health reports free from cancer. I can’t explain how much relief reading all those experiences gave me. Without Baba, I could not have survived those days. The doctor told us the report would come on Thursday, which gave me utmost happiness and relief because I knew Baba is taking care of everything. But, when I called the lab on Thursday they said it’s not ready and will come only on Friday. I was disappointed, but did not lose heart. I knew Baba will not leave us even if it comes the next day. But, I tried again on a different number for the report. And, by Baba’s grace, they transferred my call to the doctor, who did the biopsy. He told me the printed report is yet to come, but the verbal report has come. And, I asked him with baited breath what it was. He told me there is NO malignancy. All the tests for cancer were negative. I asked him time and again not to hide anything from me and to tell me the truth. He said there was NO cancer.

I cannot explain how relieved I was and I burst into tears. I can never ever thank Baba enough for this. I had gone through hell until that moment and suddenly Baba brought back my world to me. My Amma is everything to me and I cannot imagine her going through any pain in life. Baba saved my Amma. I love You so much Baba. There is some damage to her kidneys, but the doctor said it is treatable. We have our appointment tomorrow with the doctor again. I am sure Baba will cure all my Amma’s ailments. I am not worried about anything because Baba is there with us. Jai Sairam.

I want to narrate one more experience, which happened during this time. Please edit it or post it as a separate experience as you wish. When I was worried about my Amma’s reports, I wanted to visit a Sai Temple near my office. But, I didn’t know how to get there and my husband said he would be late that day and cannot take me there. It was a Wednesday, the day before I got to know the report results. There is a girl, who sits opposite to me in my office and I had seen Baba’s picture on her computer as wallpaper. I somehow felt she would know the way to this temple. Till that day I had not spoken to her much. I asked her and immediately said yes. She said she would accompany me half way to the temple. I told her about my Amma and she said not to worry, Baba will take care. She got down half way after explaining me the way and I went to the temple. I prayed to Baba to save my Amma and spent a lot of time there that day and left everything to Dear Baba.

The next day, which was a Thursday, I got the report results as mentioned above. And this girl saw me burst into tears after speaking to the doctor. I told her I want to go to the same temple today also and want to Thank Baba for saving my Amma. I told her she can come with me to the temple if she wished. She was doubtful and said no. Then, I offered to drop her to the train station on my way to the temple. So, she came with me. Then, she suddenly opened up to me about her life and said she was not living with her husband for the past 2 years. She moved away from her husband, while she was pregnant due to problems and her husband has not come to see her daughter even once until this day. I consoled her saying things will be alright soon by Baba’s Grace. And, then she told me she had not been to a Baba temple for the past 2 years for this reason as she was angry with Baba! I could not believe my ears, see how Baba had chosen me to bring her back to Him!

Baba’s Leelas are uncountable. She said I will come too with you today to the temple and will go henceforth! I was awestruck with all this. So, we both went to the temple with some chocolates to distribute as Prasad to the Devotees. I thanked Baba, though how much ever I thank it’s not enough. With Baba’s grace, I distributed Prasad for the 1st time that too on a Thursday. I cannot explain how happy I felt doing it. With Baba’s Grace I want to do it time and again. I am sure Baba will bring Happiness to my colleague’s Life again soon. Baba, please forgive me if I said anything wrong while narrating. Thank You so much Baba for everything. Please continue to hold Your children’s hands always, please forgive us for our stupid mistakes. Thank You so much Baba for everything.Om Sairam !!


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