Sai Saved us From Severe Car Accident – Devotee from India

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Sai Ram, My complete family are devotees of Lord Sai for over a decade now. The creator of the blog is doing an excellent job. I start my day by reading these wonderful miracles of our dear Sai whose miracles are unfathomable. May He always bless His devotees. My complete family is devoted to Baba, for us He is our sole refuge. There have been countless miracles in our lives due to Baba’s grace. I am stating one of them, which saved our lives. Though this is not the first time He saved us from the clutches of death. It was a sunny afternoon and we (my mother, driver and I) were on our way to a friend’s place. I was driving the car, my mother was sitting in the back seat and the driver sat next to the driver’s seat. On the way, we saw Baba’s temple which was closed, so we prostrated to our dear Sai from outside and resumed our journey. We were passing by an area which was being developed, lots of constructions going on. Narrow roads, kids playing around, so i was driving at the speed of 20.

I was on the main road of the locality and a car came and rammed our car very badly from the left side. Even after hitting our car He had not applied the brakes, rather his foot was on the accelerator and his car pushed our car from side and we were very close to hit a transformer. But, thankfully Baba saved us. None of them injured, though the car was damaged badly, such that it had to be towed. The car fellow who came and hit us, started abusing us just because he was son of a minister, but as Baba is our protector, the people who had gathered there seeing the accident said that it was his fault and not mine as he came and banged. Thanking Baba for saving our lives, and not even getting injured even after such a huge accident we went to Baba’s temple. When we went to collect our car from the garage after repairs the mechanic who repaired told us that the speed at which the other car was driving must have been at 80’s as the damage to our car was severe. All we did was to thank Baba. Dear Sai Maa may You always bless us and Be with us. We can never thank You enough for all Your blessings. All we need is You Baba Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai

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