Sai showed me a miracle – Devotee Experience

I had a beautiful experience with my dada sai baba just would like  to share on this blog….During the month of  2014 May, I lost my purse with ATM card, voter id,pen drive,memory card, and card reader with all important things …I was so scared and worried and depressed…that night I did not sleep..prayed to sai baba..deeply..that was my 1st prayer to dada sai…the next day i  did search all over like on road, in my college bus..and class rooms but i could not find..i was so so so so depressed..and I lost my patience …but same time I pray to sai deeply…miracle happen…that evening when I was walking home home…I  asked the street people regarding my purse… that street there is a shivan temple…also ..suddenly  some old lady told me that …yes…yesterday evening 1 purse was found near temple and a  boy who handed over the purse to the  temple…..I was so happy and stunned because this is only possible with sai miracle…After that I went to that shivan temple and asked about my  purse….They kept my  purse  safely at “thing along with poojas materials”… sai ram……..I want my dada sai baba should always with me..please baba pls , stay with us , protect us……… sai ram…om sai ram .om sai ram.


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Devotee Experience

Sai Baba Miracles