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Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Every Sai devotees will experience the miracle of Baba in their life time. I came to know about Sai Baba in 2010 through one of my friend. In 2012 by Sai Baba’s blessings I went to Shiridi. As soon as I reached Shiridi His miracles started. I felt that Baba was with me always and I always remember the words “Why Fear When I Am Here “I have experienced so many miracles in which I want to share one of my recent experiences. Please Forgive me if there is any mistake.

In my past five years of official life I have learnt many things to develop my knowledge. But I failed to learn about people who were around me. In 2013 June as soon as after my marriage I joined a MNC  Organization with full hope and confidence. But in 3 months of time things changed. My Manager started to show his attitude on me. It has become increasingly difficult for me to remain happy or productive in this position because of the negativity and criticism from my manager. No matter how well I perform in my job, He never recognized me. He was preventing me from growing and progressing with my career and that has been extremely discouraging to me. Every day it was so stressful day even after returning home my mind was filled with stress. My husband understood and was adjusting with the situation. Later it has become so bad that my manager started questioning on my personal stuffs. His behavior not good. This was completely affecting my official and personal life. I was not able to concentrate on both official and personal. Finally my health condition dropped down.

Every day I cried to Baba to release me from this stress. I also told his super boss about the situation but finally my manager and his super boss said that my performance is low so that I can leave the organization. I was so depressed. Even though I was performing well they did not consider me. I prayed every day to Baba to give me strength and be with me always to face this problem. Then I escalated this issue to higher people. But still management was supporting him. Finally they gave me 3 months’ time to look for another job. I did not know what to do. I went home cried at Baba’s feet to help me in getting a job. Me and my husband started reading Sai-Satcharitra. A week later I got an interview call from a MNC company. I cleared my 1st round and was waiting for my 2nd round. Days passed there was no call from them for 2nd round. Here I reminded of Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (patients). Thursday morning I got a call from them for my 2nd round interview. I was so happy thanking Baba. Next day morning I took 1 rupee coin prayed to Baba and kept in His Feet and went for the interview. Same day the result was announced that I have been selected. No words to thank Baba. My eyes filled with tears. Also I got an offer in the same company that my resignation was not accepted and I have been enrolled in a new department. But I refused to accept since I don’t want to continue in the same company due to this problem. Before I got relived from this company I came to know that my manager was DE promoted with no promotion and zero increment till his service in this company. If this is not accepted he can leave the company immediately. Thank You Baba for everything. You are my Guide! My Guru! My God! Bow to Sri Sai! Peace to be all


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