Sai Through Reincarnations

The thought to pen down ‘Sai in Janma Janmantar’ has come to my mind after hearing Saibanisa explaining the subject to the gatherings during his discourses at different places. The incidents are compiled and placed before the Saibandhus with the intention that these may perhaps serve as food to their spiritual hunger.

Baba in various contexts told his devotees that they were known to him from their past many lives. Baba often talked with full knowledge and precision about the visitor’s past and future. We find such instances are quite often depicted as we go through Sai Satcharitra and even in other epics where Divya and Mano – dhrusti were involved.

Quoted from Sai Satcharitra:
Lord Sainath was eating food offered to him by Lakshmi Khaparde and simultaneously he was speaking about her previous lives. She in her earlier life was a cow in a businessman’s house. Afterwards she was born in a Gardener’s family, then followed her rebirth in a family of Kshyatrias. Baba said, “now in the present life as the daughter of a Brahmin she is feeding me”.
The stories of two brothers who constantly fought with each other, after death were reborn as two goats. Dubaki, the poor lady had mortgaged her land with a moneylender. In the next birth the same lady was born as Chennabasappa and the moneylender as Veerabahadrappa. These two persons Chennabasappa and Veerabhadrappa lived as enemies all through their life and were reborn as a snake and frog,thus continuing their mutual hatred in their next life too.
There are instances where human beings are reborn as animals to complete the spilt over ‘Vrunanubhandha’ from their previous lives. The tiger about to die was brought and made to stand before Baba. The tiger lifted it’s tail, looked into the powerful eyes of Baba and then collapsed at the lotus feet of Baba. Baba then said to the keepers’- “ it is now relieved from the debts of the past life, after having served you all along, is now freed from all the bonds”.
Jadabharatha, a saint developed deep attachment towards a pet deer having nurtured it from the infancy. Jadabharatha was reborn as a deer in his next life in order to satiate his love towards the animal.

From the Epics:
A certain reindeer (mother-in-law of one male deer) to wreak it’s vengeance was reborn as a human being and is quoted from an incident that took place in Ramayana. The king of Kaikeyi kingdom killed a male deer while hunting. An elder female deer requested the king to give the wounded deer so that she could treat and save the wounded one from dying. The king was adamant and refused to hand over the wounded to their kith and kin. Instead, he prepared a dish out of it and ate it. The female deer cursed the king with the words that she would one day become the source of agony to the king,he would then die a similar death weeping for his son-in-law.After death the deer was reborn as Mandhara, the central character of the Epic Ramayana and becomes the cause for the death of King Dasaradha, the son-in-law of the king to the Kaikeyi kingdom.

As you are all aware, one of the princesses among Amba, Ambika, and Ambalika was born as Shikandi to take revenge on Bhishma in Mahabharatha

From a Magazine:
In order to clear the debts of a friend – as appeared in the magazine -The Asian Age dtd: 22-06-1997. A tailor was living in a village and in order to perform the marriage of his daughter, took loan from a landlord. The tailor could not clear the debt as he died prematurely due to illness. The tailor, one day appeared in the dream of the landlord and told him that, he would be reborn as a He-buffalo in another friend’s house and that he should purchase it from him. “I shall then grow up, work in your fields and thus clear my debts”. Initially, the landlord hesitated but then on seeing the birth of a he-buffalo in his friend’s house, purchased it as advised. As said it grew up strong enough to work in the fields. He – buffalo then worked with The landlord for four years and one day, the tailor again appeared in the dream of the land lord and said to him “ my debt now stands cleared, so please relieve me from the bonds of service”. The landlord then stopped extracting work from the he – buffalo, simply kept it tied to a tree. It was patiently waiting for its death and one day it took a bucket full of water and died. Soul is eternal where as the physical body decays. Death, is when the soul leaves the physical body and Re entry of the soul in to another bodily form is reincarnation. The underlying idea to be understood is that one has to pay the price of his karmic deeds if not in this life definitely in the lives to come. There cannot be an escape from this hard truth of life and has been repeated by all great saints again and again. The sooner it is realized the better it is.”The seeds you sow, make the fruits you reap”. Probably Saibanisa was inspired to place before the Lotus feet of Baba, the questions in his mind as he came across a cross section of people suffering and undergoing hardships in their present lives. The answers were in the form of visuals in dreams of Saibanisa and are presented to the Saibandhus and bear relevance to the title.

Life after death:
The soul after leaving the physical body crosses a rivulet. It then reached the top most of the four minarets of a fortress, situated on the top of a hill on the other bank of the river. All this happens due to the grace of Guru. The soul now has to traverse alone up in to the sky. If the thoughts and desires are unfulfilled, the soul looks down and comes down to Earth. It then starts searching for another bodily form to take on a new life.Few of those who manage to take a second step in the upward direction, again, due to the grace of Guru, reach the Lord. Some of the incidents concerning the case of those souls that could not take the second lead step and were reborn are reproduced below.

(1)Deeply attached to the grandson:
An aged man was deeply attached to his grandson who had just completed his studies in Medicine. At the time of his death, the old man desired that his grandson should spend all his wealth in onstructing a Hospital in service of the poor. The grandson accordingly constructed a big Hospital and forgot totally about his grandfather. After a lapse of ten years,while the Doctor was taking rounds in the Hospital during nights, he saw a ward boy aged about ten years, uttering the following words in sleep: “ My grandson should construct a Hospital and I must see it”. The Doctor recalled that these were in fact the words of his grandfather uttered at the
time of his death. He once again remembered his grandfather. Could the ward boy be the Doctor’s grandfather?

(2)Physical Training Instructor subjected to vengeance:
A physical Training Instructor with a gender bias never encouraged girl students to participate in sports and other activities. The Instructor in his next birth was a highly placed officer and the
same set of five girls was reborn to him as daughters. He died with an unfulfilled desire to have a male issue and suffered from Paralysis. The girls wanted to see him suffer. They got an opportunity to take their revenge in their next life.

(3)A mad man lying uncared in the streets:
This person was habitual drunkard having all possible the vices. He forced his wife to work as a laborer and forced his blind mother to beg alms. He ultimately met his end in the streets in a fully drunken state. He was in the next birth, a mad man roaming and placed on the streets with out any shelter or support of the kith and kin for his survival and food.

(4)A six year old squatting on the floor unable to sit or walk:
The above stated person, in his past life was a child lifter. He had kidnapped children, subjected them to physical torture and later forced them to beg on the streets. By night he used to collect all the money from the hapless children. He was stoned to death when people saw him breaking the hands of a child. He was then reborn as a handicapped child to a beggar. He was abandoned in a Railway Station and a courteous couple shifted him to an orphanage.

(5)A man with unfulfilled desires:
The incident relates to the case of an ordinary simple living person. He could not lead conjugal life as most of the time he was away from his wife due to the professional demands. He met an early death during the year 1974.In the life after, he was born in a rich family and leading a life full of lust without any morals.

(6)Daughter with a vengence towards father:
A daughter unable to get the due love and care from her father, was reborn once again as a daughter to the same father. She now takes revenge, making the life of the father miserable even though the father loves his daughter dearly.

(7)Handicapped for twenty five years:
Two young college going girls were roommates in the hostel. They were living very closely like own sisters. Both of them were unknowingly in love with the same boy. As fate decided, one of the two got married to the boy and the other decided to lead a spinster’s life as society forbids polygamy. As fate has it’s own course, the young couple met with an accident and both of them
died. They were reborn and in the subsequent life too, the bonds of marriage united them. The second girl after death was born as a handicapped son to the same couple. He spent twenty-five years in close company of those whom he loved and longed for. The soul’s ambition to be in the company of the couple from the past life is thus fulfilled.

(8)Generosity exploited:
One day, an orphan was fed with a sumptuous meal. The orphan boy desired that he should be born as a son to the same lady and become rich so that there would no dearth of money. Accordingly his wish was fulfilled and he attained the age of twenty-four years and left for USA. There he met with an accident and died. He was then reborn in a rich American family.

These incidents are presented with an intention to fill our minds with the thought that there exists a Supreme power that keeps on regulating the process of life and death cycle. Perhaps that is the reason why our elders always keep on saying, be good, think good and do good in every sphere of life always. Constant thinking of the Lord alone assures better future in our lives to come.




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