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Sai Devotee from India writes: I am proud to be called Sai’s daughter. After my parents sad demise, Baba is the only one who has been taking care of me through all the phases. Without His krupa and love, I cannot imagine my life. I am just surviving in this world because of Baba. I am fortunate to have many Sai Leelas and the first time I am posting my experience to share with all sai devotees. Though I have numerous experiences. Today would love to share His miracle of Udi.

Sai in Shirdi
Sai in Shirdi

Last year in 2013, me and my sister was very much excited for Diwali festival celebration. I had taken one week leave from my work & we had done with pre-diwali shopping, also had planned each and everything well in advance about,rangoli designs, decoration, lunch and dinner menu for all five days of Diwali. But unfortunately before 1st day of Diwali, I fell sick due to severe vomiting and diarrhea for continuous two days. I have tried medicines from two different doctors in my area. But my situation was very critical I was unable to digest even a cup of water. Even doctor advised to get admitted if it won’t stop within couple of days. Then suddenly one of my friends mother advice me to visit well known doctor in my city who was Gastroenterologist. Next day when I went to him, he diagnosis me with severe food poison. But for last 15days I was not having any outside food except my office cafeteria food. He gave me strong anti biotic and other medicines just for a week and strictly advised me to refrain from office food.

Sai-We Love you.
Sai-We Love you.

After a day of taking medicines, I felt much better but it took an entire one month medicines course to cure my severe stomach infection. And in that one month, I had bear a lot of physical and mental pain with big hole to my pocket. During that period, I refrained to office canteen food and even many office colleagues had complaint to Admin for bad food quality as many employees fall sick after having it. However, our admin department had informed that they need another one month to replace new catering service in office and they warned existing caterer for food quality and hygiene. So after 15days, thinking that now they might have improve their food quality I had evening snack as was feeling very hungry after skipping lunch due to work load. However, once I reached home that day even before having my dinner again I was suffering from Diarrhea and same worst stomach cramps which I had during Diwali days. I couldn’t sleep the whole night and was very worried by remembering last times bad experiences of stomach infection, all that physical and mental pain for one month and about costly medicines and highly charged fees by specialist. I was really worried this time as I didn’t have that much money with me due to some unexpected financial crisis and my pain was unbearable.

Suddenly in the morning I saw Sai Satcharitra book on my bed. I hold that near my heart and was weeping for an hour, praying continuously to Baba to cure my infection, I was asking Him, Baba how can I go to doctor now when I do not have enough money and without medicines how could my pain would subside and then unconsciously I opened one page of Sai Satcharitra and it was the page of chapter titled Udi Mahima. Then I really surprised, how I had forgot the miracle of Sai Udi which gave instant relief to any disease. Within next 5 minutes, I had search Udi in my office bag and had it with water. Even I had applied it on my stomach area. But within 2 minutes, I again had bad stomach cramp and urge to rush to toilet. Again I cried in pain and asked Baba, I had followed Your instruction and had Udi, but why You are not helping me now. But that was the last time, it was like after I had Udi, the next moment all infection which was in my stomach was removed after passing the stool for last time. And after five minutes I was feeling much better than ever like I never had any infection. Friends, you all can imagine how Baba and His Udi saved me from big physical, mental and financial crisis. All symptoms was like last times sickness and during that time it took me entire month to recover from the sickness; however this time within 5 minutes, Baba’s sacred Udi gave me instant relief from severe stomach infection when I was blaming Baba for not having enough money to go to doctor. Please Baba forgive me for blaming and please show your Udi Miracle to all Your devotees who are going through physical pain because of severe diseases. I heard and read many stories of Udi Miracle curing even Cancer.



  1. I suffer from stomach problems such as diarrhea,stomach pain.All time Saibaba cures me from my health problems.Medical treatment cannot heal without baba’s grace.It is only the medium. Actually baba cures us .Om Sai Ram


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