Saibaba, Please Save My Marriage

Sai devotee is requesting  Baba to save her marriage. Please find her story here.

I am in a very bad situation where my husband’s colleague iyeswariya who is planning to hurt myself and my daughter. They have a secret illegal relationship for more than 4 years. She also has a family. Not sure what to do
I have been fighting this for long
I am worried they might hurt us for their happiness
We also met with an accident and I got injured not sure if it’s part of the plan
Why this kind of relationship is encouraged?
Why God does not punish these people who cheat their husband and wife and children?
I was not able to leave my husband before because the relationship started within a year of our marriage
But now when I was ready he completely denied and convinced me
He wants to maintain me for society but he completely hates me but loves that other person’s wife iyeswariya.
I have gone through enough. He is not letting me go and not even letting me live
Why these kinds of women spoil other families They are worse than prostitutes
Sai ram please teach them a lesson. Why are you not separating them why not teaching it’s bad.

Shirdi Sai.
Shirdi Sai.

I even did 108 ana pradarshanam and lots and lots of Pooja. But still longing for husbands love
He brings her home when I’m not there he listens only to her Even though I do a lot of things for him
He behaves nicely in front of everyone as nice husband to me But cheats me behind me also he shows his hatred towards me Please sai do something I cannot be patient more. Please please please help poor ladies like me who love their husbands  Please punish all ladies and men who have illegal affair and cheat. Nobody can help poor women like me only you can save please open your eyes and show little mercy on suffering women. Some women don’t know anything except to love their husband.
Please show that sai is still existing. Why are making us marry these kinds of men in first place
Then make our divorce then marry someone good No, I cannot keep changing my heart to love someone else Also, think about my daughter Please make my husband understand our love and please help us get back my husband from iyeswariya.

Please teach iyeswariya good lesson What I did wrong except for loving him?
Why he is always behind iyeswariya I want iyeswariya to be with her husband sasi and leave my husband.

Please make iyeswariya live her husband sasi and leave my husband raj.

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