Saibaba Proved He Is Always With Us- Devotee from india

Niti Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am going to share my experience about how Baba fulfilled my wish on the auspicious day of Janamashtmi and yes I am writing this on the day of Janamashtmi. As I just mentioned that this miracle happened on the beautiful day of Janamshtmi. I went to temple with my parents in the evening to offer our prayers to God. I requested my father to let me stay at the temple to celebrate Baba’s birthday.

My aunt and uncle were also there to celebrate His birthday. But my Dad didn’t allow me to stay there as my uncle and aunt came on their bike and it was hard to travel on bike with 3 people in the morning. I requested my dad once again, but he scolded me saying that you should make your plans in advance. You should have told me at home. And after offering our prayers, we left for home.

I remember arguing with Baba. I said “Ghar To Aise Bhej Rahe Ho Jaise Khud Apna Birthday Manane Ghar Aoge” (Baba you are sending me home like you are planning to visit our home and celebrate your birthday with us) and here He heard what I said. I went to home mumbling the same

thing, showing my anger. But Baba never disappoints His devotees. He cares for us and loves us a lot. I went to sleep and early in the morning my mom came to me and speaking loudly with excitement saying wake up Niti. Look who has come. Look what has happened! And the moment I opened my eyes, I was astonished to see that it was none else but Baba Himself.


My mom found a small picture of Baba. We don’t know who left that photo in the front of our gate. And trust me that Photo is just so beautiful. I took the photo in my hands and when I turned it back. I noticed that it came from Shirdi. I was thrilled to experience all this. I and my mom asked everyone in our street if anybody else has received such Photo and everyone said No. This was the day when I realised that Baba is always with us. He never ignores our prayers. He heard what I said. I just want to say that I am thankful for what He has given me. I don’t deserve what I have got. Even if I thank Him every second, it won’t be enough. “Sainath maha raj ki Jai”


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