Saimaa Expereicnes – Anonymous Devotee from Hyderabad

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Hi. I am From Hyderabad. This is My SecondExperience. I became devotee from last Dec-2012. I have many experiences, but I am putting 3 experiences.

Experience 1: Our house owner said to vacate our room because they will construct there house in summer. She gave 2 months’ time to vacate. We were searching for room for rent in our area from last three months. Time was over. She was giving pressure to us to vacate soon. We were searching, but we did not find any suitable rooms in our budget. One Thursday, my mother went to Sai Temple and prayed Him for room. On that day only, she got a dream that one child came and put two chits in front of my mother and he is asking that you need room near to this area or another area. My mother immediate got up and the dream was broken.

After dream came, within two days, we find the suitable room in our area near to my old house in our budget. Sai showed two portions to us in our budget in that we selected one. To that building Sai Baba picture is there. To my old house Sai picture was not there. See how Baba called to that house . We don’t have any problem in that house till now we are peaceful.

Experience 2: I have Printed copy of Sai Satcharitra, but I am searching for Sai Satcharitra book in my language Telugu. I searched in online and temples, but I did not find any in my language. I went to Shirdi, but I forgot to take from there. From last four months, I was searching, but at last miracle happened on one day. One courier came to my office in my name. In that Sai Satcharitra book came in my language. I was shocked. It came from Uttar Pradesh. I did not order online, but I don’t know when I sent request to them. I felt very very happy. Thanks a lot Sai B
Experience 3: On My Birthday, I went to Sai Temple at near my house. I asked Saibaba to give blessings today. And I went to office. After I reach office after 1 hour near my office I heard Sai songs and look at the window there I found Sai Baba came to my office to give blessing to me. Sai Baba vehicle came and he stopped in front of my office. He waited till 10 minutes. From Last one year, I am working there, but I have never seen Saibaba vehicle in that area. I went down and I took blessing and UDI and he asked me Dakashina to Annadan. Really I am not asked anything from Baba on my birthday. Just I asked blessing.

All devotees I am saying to pray whole heartily and pray Him as your Guru. He will take care all your burdens and He will guide us. If any wish is not fulfilled, please don’t get angry on Sai and stay withSaburi and Shraddha. Understand Sai from your heart, and then automatically we will get Saburi. If any mistakes, I am sorry. My Sweet Sai, I love so much Sai. Anantha Koti Bramandan Nayaka Rajadi Raj Yogi Raj Prabrabhram Sri Sachidanada Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.


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