Sainath Miracles Unlimited – Devotee Stories

Sainath Miracles Unlimited – Devotee Stories

Here we are presenting a couple of Sainath miracles and stories.

Baba’s miracles..yet more to come:

I had issues with my husband from the beginning of my marital life. I was trying to compromise for the sake of my unborn baby. My suffering grew severe day by day. After a point, I had to come back home with my 9 months old daughter. And my husband threatened to divorce me. My inlaws never checked up on me or my baby. I started Divya puja after coming to know through my friend. I prayed to Baba that he only knows what is right for me and whatnot. So if he thinks my husband deserves us then he should save my relationship if not help me realize that it is high time and I need to break it for the welfare of my child.

It was on one of those Thursdays during the Divya puja that a lady turned up to my place and explained to me how my husband cheated on her in my absence. And how he threatened her not to open up about it. He also told her that he will continue his relationship with her in secrecy. She had all the evidence. Baba cleared my confusion and thereby the consequent situations clearly indicated that my husband dint deserve me or my child.

I started another Divya puja for the sake of a loan that I took on my name in order to help out a friend. He promised to pay the amount in time but used to give me trouble in paying EMI. Many times I prayed my hard-earned money and I did not share this with my family. I was not liking it and prayed to Baba that my intention behind this was pure humanity and that baba should get me out of this. On the very first Thursday, I got a call from that friend. During the call, I somehow got the thought of speaking to my personal banker. I explained to my personal banker about the problem and he suggested that he can instantly process a loan for my friend. I spoke to my friend, initially, he gave me excuses but finally, he agreed. In 2 mins my personal banker processed his loan. And my friend sent me the balance amount! I suffered for almost 1.5 years reg this loan issue. I never thought it would be solved on the phone within a few minutes. Honestly, I was sure that my friend would cheat on me but Baba turned everything to my side.

I still have some grave issues with my life. But my Divya Pooja, Mahaparayan are all in process. I am sure baba is going to sort them out for me and I will again come back to post some more miracles. Om Sai ram!.

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Baba Miracles Unlimited.
Baba Miracles Unlimited.

Baba helped me in reducing my daughter’s cough:

Thank you so much for this wonderful website. Here would like to mention one of Baba’s miracles.
Sorry, baba for posting it late. Last week there were three important dates for me one was my friends get together, my daughter’s Christmas pageant at school, and Ayyappa pooja at the temple. I was very excited to attend all three. But suddenly my daughter got a cold cough and fever on Tuesday. I was very upset and went and told baba. Then I gave Udi to my daughter and took her to a doctor the next day. The doctor gave her medicines and he told her if the cough is there don’t send her out. I was very upset and asked baba for help. By Baba’s grace, her cough got reduced and we could make it for all three days and we had so much fun. Thank you baba it’s all because of you. Sorry again for posting it late. Thank you so much baba. We love you.

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