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Sairam Blessed Me on My Wedding Day – Sai Devotee

Om Sairam.
Hi friends, I am Jagadeeshwari from Chennai,working in MNC company. Baba came into my life 4 years back but I was not that much great devotee of sairam but I like Sai Baba very much.For the past 1 month, I was very much loving sairam and became a devotee by reading all the devotees experience,his life story,miracles etc all of the sudden. We had visited his holy place shirdi with my husband kids during my twin kids birthday last year.My kids name is SAIRAM and SAIKRISHNA.
One of the miracle happened to me on my wedding day Sept 2nd 2015(i.e., Today), Morning 9 am I gone to nearby temple where Sairam also there.I prayed to sairam deeply with whole hearted saying…”Please come and bless me in anyform”.
Also many times I gone to that temple..but not even once I have touched him…but today I touched his feet that too because of the lady behind me touched him…after that only i came to know that we can touch his feet.
Same happened today.

Sai Blessings
Sai Blessings

Then as soon as I came out from the temple.Lady seated beside flower selling lady.Flower selling lady need to give me 20 Rs before I go to temple(I bought flowers for sairam) while getting flowers that old lady was also there but she didn’t ask me anything…
Once i prayed to Sairam that Ineed your blessing in any form in words.While i came outside and asked for remaining money from that flower selling lady.That old lady seated beside her asked me for something to have food as she is hungry.I gave her 20 Rs .That lady said i will get 2 idly ma….”Ne nalla irupa”(Wished Me).Flower selling lady also said like “Ne nalla irupama nalla irupanu”.Really my eyes rolledout with tears…and said thanks to Sairam the great and came home.I asked another gift to Sairam and Waiting for that gift too from him.I know and u all know he will definitely give the gift to his child .Will again share my experience once i get my expected gift from him. Om sairam …Om sairam..the father…save us from all evil things and make all things happen good..Be with all of us…OM SAIRAM


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