Sai’s Blessing with us – Devotee from USA

Sai Devotee   from USA says: Hi all, I am Deepthi. I live in USA with my husband and daughter. I have been thinking of sharing Sri Sainath’s  Leelas in my life since a long time now. But when I sit down to write about His Leelas, I am confused as to where should I start from. I have been attracted to Him since childhood. But I got very close to Him from past 5-6 yrs. I feel His presence everywhere. I feel He is with me with my family. Out of many many Leelas I would like to narrate one of the most recent and important ones to me.

We are facing a lot of financial troubles. I have been married for 3 yrs now and we have a baby girl. I desperately wanted a new job closer to home. I attended few interviews and I really was expecting to get one job which I did very well. I did not; I was disheartened. I thought Baba is not with me and hence I did not get the job. But within 2 months I got another better opportunity suiting my needs. I cannot explain this miracle the way it has happened step by step. My husband always wanted me to find a full time job, work from home kind of job, I used to travel many hours (5-6 hrs daily) to go to work. With a small baby it was getting very tough for us. All this was sorted out by Baba. He never lets us down. If He does not give what we want at a time, it means something more precious is awaiting us and He has something much better planned for us. This is the lesson I learnt.

My life revolves around Him. It’s He who has blessed us with what we have now. There was a severe storm sandy in 2012. On the night of the storm it felt so severe and scary all the windows and doors were banging so hardly, I just prayed that we should not lose power and we should be safe as I have a small baby. That night I could feel Baba was in my home. I could see Him in His Picture. Everyone we knew lost power for more than a week, due to His grace we did not. We were able to help some of our friends during this time. It is just the matter of how much you trust Him truly and then see how much more He gives you in return. He is my father, my Savior Who understands all my struggles and gives me strength to face them. We are eternally grateful and thankful to You Baba. Om Sai Ram


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