Shirdi Sai Baba is there for Me- Sai Devotee Gayathri Ji From USA

Sai Sister Gayathri Ji from USA says: Hello all SaiDevotees. My name is Gayathri and I am living in USA. I want to sincerely thank  for this  site . Many doubts troubling me were solved after reading some experiences. Kindly state my name only.

Sai Deva had taken me under His wings right since I have been a child. But I realized and started praying to Him only about 5-6 years back. There is a Datta Mandir in the middle and many buildings were surrounding it and I was living in one of those buildings. So as a child I had Darshan of BABA every single day and every Thursday we children would sing BABA bhajans. It is only now that I realize that BABA has been in my life all throughout without me even knowing it. I would sing and just pray to all GODS and was not particularly attached to BABA at that time.

Few years back my husband was not well and was diagnosed with an incurable disease and that’s when one of my friends gave me questions and answer book and suddenly one day I started reading Sai Satcharitra, which my mother had presented to me as a gift long time back. Another thing I want to mention is that whenever I see BABA, I see my mother’s face looking back at me. So this was another realization as if BABA Himself has given the book to me.

My experience is of this Vijayadashami day (i.e Sunday 13th October). I had decided that I would read Sai Satcharitra in one day and keep the Diya burning till 9 in the night from Morning. I duly with BABA’s grace completed the reading, did Aarti and was carefully taking care that diya would not extinguish. Then at around 7.00 in the evening, just as I stepped back in the room, one of the diyas had extinguished. I was very scared and thought BABA was indicating something bad is about to happen. Also just on the starting of Navratri, my mother’s Mangalsutra was snatched by some boys. So it all added up to my concern. And then I had in the Q&A book asked about it 2-3 times, but something unrelated was mentioned and then out of sheer anxiety I asked again what’s going to happen. It said “Humans can’t do anything in front of Destiny. Be quiet and pray to BABA”.

I was now in a near state of collapsing thinking that something terrible is going to happen. My husband is still having health issues, which are severe and my Son also has heath issues and so I was very scared.All through the night I chanted Hanuman Chalisa. Next day I prayed to Baba and still was in turmoil. I was scolding BABA that why did You give me the thought of keeping diyas burning the whole day and such a thing would not have happened and my peace of mind would not have been lost. And also why didn’t You DEVA not stop it from happening.

Then on Tuesday morning, I had a dream wherein my MIL is scolding me that I was not careful and diyas were getting extinguished. When I see them, the diyas are still burning and I keep telling her that it is not my fault and that it is the fault of the baati (i.e. thread). And then I have another dream wherein again the diyas were extinguished in my house and my mother, who is sitting down to pray, tells me that the threads are not good. It is the thread’s fault and so why are you getting agitated?

When I woke up in the morning, I narrated it to my mom and she told me that BABA has come in my form to tell you that do not be Superstitious, it is just the fault of the thread and has no significance (as I have told before I see my mom’s face, when I look at BABA) and I also understood that BABA wanted to tell me that I should be only devoted to Him and He will take care of everything else. But as I was still not very convinced, I told BABA that I will not eat or drink anything unless You show Your name somehow today. I just switched on the TV and title said NFL MOSAIC channel. We never see these channels and how BABA made me switch it on only. He knows as I usually switch on netflix and not my regular channels. And also that very day, when I was cutting Capsicum, I had Ganpatiji’s image coming out of it with a huge trunk. I have never seen anything like this before. And also in the grocery store BABA should His presence in a candle with JESUS photo and SAINT written on it.

Even after this dream, I have got His assurances in my ways telling me that HE is there to protect me and my Family always. I was not superstitious before, but due to my husband’s ill health by anything and everything I get nervous. I feel BABA is trying to get me to completely surrender to Him and leave off my superstitious state.

Another miracle is when BABA got me a job. I wanted to work part time and I had no experience in Accounting and BABA got me a job in an Indian firm in USA. BABA is there protecting all only thing is we need to surrender to Him body, soul and mind. Many experiences I have got wherein He has literally pulled us out of harms way. We just need to trust Him. I need to definitely think of Him more often and LOVE HIM MORE. Kindly put a suitable image of BABA in color green if that’s possible. Pardon me for the long post and kindly edit it as necessary. BABA, kindly pardon me for any mistakes in this story. I have asked You to write it. I submit it under Your feet. Take care of my family and all Your devotees Sai DEVA!!



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