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By Baba’s grace, I am putting down my experience of our visit to India this year in the month of Feb 2013. I, with my 4 year old daughter was planning to visit India. This was her first visit to India and also this was the first time she would be away from her dad for 3 weeks. I was bit worried to travel alone with her, but I wanted to visit Shirdi badly and also visit Tirupathi. It’s very true that we cannot visit Shirdi unless Baba calls us as I have been waiting for His call since past 3 years.

My Husband supported and encouraged me to go ahead with the trip and booked our flight tickets for Feb 12th 2013. The plan was to have my visa stamped in Hyderabad consulate and then to visit Shirdi as per Baba’s wish. I scheduled appointment for Biometrics on Feb 14 at 3:30 PM and Visa Interview on Feb 15th morning at 9:00 AM. My dad made reservations for Shirdi trip and we were to board train in Hyderabad on Feb 15th evening.

We reached India on Feb 14th morning at 4:00 AM and reached home by 5:30 AM. It was Thursday and 6th week of my Sai Vrat. So after refreshing, I started preparing for my Vrat, when I noticed that the skin on my thumb got peeled off. I was very scared as I had a previous bad experience (in 2006 during my first Visa stamping) where-in I was asked to visit consulate again as they were not able to get my index finger print as I had a cut. This made me restless and while performing Vrat, I pleaded Sairam to help me in getting my Visa Stamped without issues and call me to Shirdi without any negativity.

My mom and dad assured me that everything will be alright, but I was still restless. We started to VFS office at 1PM. While travelling a thought arose in my mind that if I see Saibaba’s photo with Abhayahasta, then everything will be alright. As soon as the thought passed my mind, a car crossed us and I could see Baba’s photo with Abhay hasta on back of the car. Internally, I was very happy as Baba gave me assurance, but I was still tensed. We reached the VFS office at around 2:30PM and the security guard allowed us in. My turn came and I had to give my biometrics. I took Baba’s name and gave the finger prints and my joy knew no bounds, when the lady told me that all went well. Next day the Visa interview went well too and I got my Visa approved. I offered my heartfelt thanks to Baba for His timely help.

Now, we were all set to visit Shirdi. This was the second time Baba called me to Shirdi and my first visit was around 15 years back. We boarded the train in time. The co-passengers were really nice people and they had a 4 year old boy too. My daughter had good time playing with him. My dad checked with them if they had been to Shirdi before, but then we got to know that this was their first trip to Shirdi. It is rightly said in Sai Satcharitra that He, who calls the devotees to Shirdi, would also make the necessary arrangements. Same thing happened with us too. We had a couple joining us and they have been to Shirdi many a times. They said they would guide us all the way and not to worry. In a very short time, we all three families became friends.

We had good time in the journey and reached Shirdi on-time. We exchanged contact details and parted our ways. I felt so blessed as soon as I stepped on the soil of Shirdi. It was altogether a divine experience. My daughter heard the “Sai Ram Sai Shyam” Bhajan being played and was really excited and felt at home as I used to play the same Bhajan at our home. We went to the hotel room, got refreshed and started to Temple to have Darshan of our dear Baba. We entered temple through Gate 3 and we could have a glance of Baba from the window. How much peace His Darshan gives us cannot be explained in words. We got VIP tickets and had blessed Darshan of Baba that day.

Next day morning, when I woke up, my dad gave me 3 neem leaves, which he got from the Gurusthan the day before. He mentioned that while I was attending Shej Aarti in Samadhi Mandir, he searched for neem leaves in Gurusathan, when one of the security guard came and gave him neem leaves. I felt so happy to have the neem leaves, but at that time I was not aware that Baba had more in store for us.

After refreshing, we went to Mukh Darshan and read one chapter from Sai Satcharitra in front of Baba. Few ladies started doing Bhajan and the entire atmosphere was divinely mesmerized with their sweet songs. They finished their Bhajans and started to leave, when one of the women came to us and gave 2 Rudrashakas to my Dad, 2 to my Mom and 1 to myself. I was overjoyed as internally I was wishing to receive some gift from Baba as a token of love.

Then we went to Dwarakamai, Chavadi and finally wanted to have one more Darshan of Baba before leaving so asked my parents to sit near the lendi baugh with my daughter and headed to get the tickets for Darshan. The counters were supposed to open at 1PM, but somehow that day they didn’t open the counters till 2:30 PM. The couple standing behind me in the line was getting tensed as their return bus was at 5PM in the evening and they were running out of time. I got my tickets, but then saw that couple coming out of line without tickets. They mentioned that the person on the counter refused to give tickets as they didn’t fall in the category for VIP, which they weren’t aware off as they thought anybody could buy tickets for Darshan there. They felt helpless and were about to leave without having Darshan of Baba as it was already 3 PM and they didn’t had enough time to get into another Darshan queue.

I told them about the Mukh Darshan and guided them till the gate so that they could have Baba’s Darshan at least from a distance and came back to my parents and narrated to them what happened. My parents felt sad for the couple and offered to give their tickets to them as they got Darshan of Baba day before. My dad himself went to Mukh Darshan and called them. They came and we went to have our Gurudev’s Darshan. We had very good Darshan and got chance to stand before Baba for a long time and prayed to Him to our hearts content. The lady cried with joy upon having Darshan of Baba and told me that she does Sai Satcharitra Parayan every month and is a strong believer of Baba. But when they didn’t get the tickets and were leaving without visiting Samadhi Mandir, she felt so sad and was internally questioning Baba as to why this happened to them and now see Baba came to their rescue and gave them His Darshan, making me and my parents a medium. This is a true miracle to them and I felt fortunate that Baba chose us to witness yet one more of His miracle here in Shirdi.

Before leaving Shirdi, we once again heartfully thanked Baba for giving was blessed experiences and headed to station and reached home safely. We had very good time in India and by Baba’s grace returned back to USA safely without any issues.

Gurudeva, May Your blessings reach all of us always. Let there be peace and happiness in every home across the whole wide world. May all the people be happy under Your shelter. Please bless us all with good health, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. We love You a lot Baba and many many thanks to You for everything. We surrender at Your Lotus feet. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Sai’s Daughter


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