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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I became Baba’s devotee 3 years back, when I was in a very disturbing situation. After that my faith in Him grew steadfast. It was through this blog only, I found calmness and joy by reading unfathomable Leelas of Baba. Baba has guided me and showered His blessings throughout and if I happen to do bad, He like a mother gets angry and shows me the right path.

My experience is as follows. This year, I went into a relationship with a very loving person, who is also Sai believer. Everything was fine, but I did a very big mistake. I hid and lied about my past from him. Although inside I felt guilt, but the fear of losing him prevented me from facing it and telling him about it.

During this, face distance started growing between Baba and me. Usually the time and dedication I used to devote to Him got lesser and similarly my mind got very fickle. I couldn’t pray with full attention. I realized this and asked Baba to put me on the right path, so that I couldn’t be away from him. Then one day to my horror, all my fears came true and he got to know about everything. When he confronted me I lied, which he knew so, he decided to leave me and told me I wasn’t what he thought me to be. I knew by hiding some details, I had done wrong, but I had given my all efforts and love in this relation.

I knew I had only my Sai. I went to Him and begged and cried in front of Him. I again started to read Sai Satcharitra and Sai Kashta nivaran mantra and remembered Baba full heartedly and also read Sri Vishnusaharam on advise of Baba. That person didn’t attend my phone and even refused to meet me. At that time I was so broken. I even send request to take my prayers to Shirdi, but she also replied back as her son is small this diwali, they will not go. It disheartened me further. But I kept faith in Baba’s feet. I used to ask questions on I asked Him whether everything will be fine and I got this reply “Remain calm. This is beneficial. Sorrow will end”. So I stopped calling him. After some time, I still was anxious and again asked question and the reply was “You will meet someone and you will get back the thing lost”. I had tears in my eyes. I thanked Baba and was filled with hope.

Then the next day, he called me, but didn’t speak. So I called him. After series of calls, we decided to meet in the evening. When he came in the evening, he behaved really normal and forgave me for it. I really can’t thank Sai enough for blessing me and putting me on right path .Baba, You also forgive me and always keep loving me. Bolo Anant Koti Brahmanand Nayak Raj Dhiraj Yogi Raj Parbrahma Shri Sachitanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai



  1. Om Sai Ram !!
    Thank you for sharing this experience.
    With Baba’s grace unexpectedly I got chance to read this experience. I was going through a painful situation. Now a days me not getting patience to read anything. Still I got chance to read this with Sai krupa. Me feeling better now. Feeling a caring of Baba.

    After reading this Sai inspired me to read or hear Sai Satcharitha regularly, also Sai kashtanivaran manthra and Vishnu Sahasranamam.

    I pray..may everyone of you get peace.

    Jai Sainath !!

  2. Shree sachidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai my love name is also sainath that’s y m loving that person more than alll.. Sai baba u r my only hope hope saiappa.. Plzz i can’t live without him I beg u baba plzz send him back

  3. Im pray to baba for bring back my love to my life again he left me without any reason im waiting for him for 2 years but now i got heard that he already married to other girl. But i still have faith on baba he sure will bring him back to my life. Coz baba who show this guy to me. So i have full faith on him sure he will bring back my love. When i ask baba question he say i will fullfill ur wish and keep faith on me. So im waithing for that wonderfull day. Om sai ram

  4. I love Dini with my soul and heart, we’ve been in long distance because of the pandemic, our love was growing and for some reason she feel suffocated and wanted to leave me. But deep inside she said she has feeling and I have a belief we will be 1 again for life. Being a Sai devotee, baba please return my live back in my life.
    Sai Ram

  5. Sai please bring him back and I know u will surely bring him back I have full faith in u…

    It’s very hard living like this without him …
    I love u sai please help

  6. Baba told me on prashnavali to donate oil and tobacco for 3 Thursday when I asked if the guy I love will forgive me for my mistakes and come back.
    When I went to buy oil from shop, I scanned for paytm as I didnt bring cash, the shop name was Saikripa, i felt maybe baba accepted my prayers.
    I have donated for 2 thursdays and just one remaining. I hope he come backs because I really love him.


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