Shirdi Sai Baba Has A Perfect Plan For Us – Devotee From UK

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Namaste and Sai Ram everybody! I don’t have any idea on where to start and how to post this or what to subject it as! So I am sincerely praying Sai ma to help me in articulating this. I am an ordinary girl, who surrenders everything to Baba (but like as a human being, I caught in Maya. I used to feel depressed if something is not falling in position). Since 5 years I am praying to Baba to get me married to the person, whom I love and I definitely know that it need some time to get happen.

Thinking as such I let first 2 years passed happily and 3rd year just thought it was another year and 4th year started feeling upset as my parents, friends, relatives and society have started to put pressure directly or indirectly on me. And 5th year it’s like to the peak. I was upset and now after completion of 5 years, Baba has arranged our marriage and it is done in a very soft and grand manner, which is very obvious that only with HIS grace it has happened in such a way after a long wait.

Baba has never let me down. As I never asked Baba to get me marry right now/immediately. I always surrender to Baba as He knows the best and He knows everything. I used to do Sai Satcharitra Parayanam every month for a week and last year I did 9 Thursdays Vrat, but I never asked that I want this or that! I only ask Him to keep me with Him and keep my devotion strong always towards Him. I think, which He granted so only after many more problems or disappointments I still hang to Him. I can never say enough Thanks to our Baba as the gratitude which I show is never enough as I know how difficult it should be for Him to hold a devotee like me.

Now I am coming to the miracles part. As the pressure is high on 5th year, I can’t stick to the ‘surrender’. So I have made a list of things what I want and have asked Him by doing second time 9 Thursdays Vrat. Believe me, He has given me every tiny thing, which I asked to the greatest of my wishes. He has given me the impossible job for me (which without His grace, I am damn sure I can’t get it. I got it in a very miraculous way that though I didn’t write the program I got the result positive. I mean my unfinished program has given me a successful result, which is unbelievable) , you know what?

He gave me that job for my marriage expenses. And He solved one of my secret phobias on his perfect timing, which is unimaginable! Because I have went to so many doctors and did all what I can do, but it never gone inspite of my tearful prayers. But He only solved on HIS PERFECT timing without any of my efforts. Oh my Sai, what can I say more about? And also He made me to help clear all our family debts and made our going to be married life in a place stable and strong financially. Also I should mention that at one instance on marriage day our family members were all so much tensed that we found the Muhurtham Saree was missing and actually I was not tensed at all as I asked Baba to get it on time and He just got it. What a miracle! and here is one more, I got my passport damaged just 2 days before my travel to UK, but in a very stress less way I could able to get it within 2 days by His grace.

He has helped me in some conditions, where I was out of control and he has helped me in some conditions, where conditions were not in control. He has done all the things, which I am waiting for on the right and perfect timing. He is watching me and taking care of me like mom taking care of an infant. What can I ask Him more? I don’t know how to end this! But only thing I wanted to say is: IF WE HAVE FAITH IN HIM. That’s it. He will do the things in any unimaginable way as He is the creator of this universe.

I might not have expressed all my feelings exactly and so sure that I didn’t mention all the miracles happened for me as there will never be enough space here to mention every moment of my life here. I can’t say Thanks to our Baba. I can only give my life to Him to take care of it. I strongly know that He will and is taking care of it. Though I have some major health complaints bothering me know but I don’t care about them as I know Baba is taking care of me. May Peace and devotion towards you should be upon all of us. JAI SAI RAMA.

Thanks for giving me this wonderful opportunity to write my experience as I promised Baba 5 years ago that I will post my miracles/experiences, when my marriage happens. Thank You all for reading with so much patience.



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