Shirdi Sai Baba is always there to take care – Devotee from USA

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am from Calcutta, India and currently residing in States. My father has always been an ardent follower of Baba, but none of my other family members ever followed Him. I would say Baba was a mere idol in our Mandir. Rather I am one of those persons, who have even insulted Baba by imitating the “Shirdi Wale Sai Baba” song like a fakir and making people laugh. I even use to think in my mind “What can a fakir like you give me?”.

Little did I know about my life turning upside down, when I came to the States in 2010. I started my masters and got a job after 6 months. The day, I got my job, my 5 year old relationship came to an end. My boyfriend was in India and he simply told me over the phone that he did not want me in his life anymore. All the past years I spoke more to his friends than my own friends. Because he left me they stopped speaking to me too. My life was a complete mess with him not being by my side, no friends to speak to and a new country with no family.

Gathering courage I started my new job. I had a picture of Sai Baba in my purse, which I kept in my bag and placed it on my new desk at work. I still don’t understand why I kept the picture and where it had come from. Days used to pass well, but when I used to return home in the evenings, memories used to crush me. I cried every single day. My roommate told me why you don’t come to the temple with me. You will feel fine there. Upon inquiry she told me its Sai Baba temple and that we would go tomorrow (Thursday).

Upon entering the temple I got shivers. Seeing Baba’s picture I couldn’t stop crying. It was as if I was thirsty from birth and after years I was approaching a well. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t stop crying, and there was a voice telling me “cry and let it out”. That was the day I was enlisted in Sai Baba’s Darbaar.

Days passed and one fine day I happened to hear the same song which I once used to mock. The line “Jisse Sabne Nikala, Usse Tune Sambhala” touched me. I apologized to Baba. I kept experiencing Baba’sLeelas day in and out. I had it in my head that He is my mom, dad, sister, brother everything here away from home.

Two years passed and I wanted to take a vacation and visit Shirdi. At my workplace, contractors never get vacation. But I decided to approach my manager with the request and she denied. I was very upset because on one hand I wanted to go meet family and Baba, but on the other I did not want to resign at a time, when job market was not good. I came home with a heavy heart and cried in front of Baba and fought with Him. I told Him I want only few days with my family and want to see You in Shirdi, but You can’t even do that? Is it that You don’t hear me? Are You angry with me? How long do You want a daughter to stay away from her mother? Don’t You ever want me to see You in Shirdi? Do something please. I spoke to my parents and cried on the phone too. My father said don’t worry Baba will grant your vacation, you start looking for tickets.

I calmed down and spent the weekend planning a vacation and also planning a trip to Shirdi from Calcutta. I did not once think that this won’t happen. Wonders of wonders on Thursday morning, when I reached office, I had an email from the manager saying that they can grant me vacation for a month, if I would finish some extra work before I go. But they need me back exactly after 30 days since I was an important resource for the project. I could not believe my eyes and wondered how Baba made everything fall in place. Some colleagues came and told me that I am really lucky to have a vacation granted as they had been trying for years, but never got one without resigning.

With a happy heart I went to India and then to Shirdi with my family on a Thursday. Baba even gave me Darshan, when I was sleeping saying everything will be good. I bought Baba’s idol with me and worship it everyday. The idol is the only thing which I say is “Mera Hain”, everything else is temporary and will go away. But Baba is here to stay with me in this life and beyond. I even wrote poems for Baba. This has started with His grace too. When I start writing I am amazed at how words flow quickly as if someone is just holding my hand and making me write it. I know Baba does it. My family members were so pleasantly surprised after reading the poems. Today all of us in the family worship Baba. May His boon bestowing hands always be on everyone. Om Sai Ram.



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