Shirdi Sai Baba Miracle – Anonymous Sai Devotee from India

Anonymous devotee from India says: Om Jai Sai Ram I am a small devotee of Shirdi Baba. I am from south India. I would like to share two of my experiences with Baba happened in the month of August & October 2013. In March, I was detected with 2 big fibroids. When consulted doctor, he advised me to get conceived within 3 months if interested so that they can remove both baby & fibroids at single shot through operation. By Baba’s grace I got conceived in spite of two big fibroids. During my second check up (around 60 days), we came to know that miscarriage has happened due to no heart beat of the fetus. Whole family got upset. I was praying Baba why this was happened then I realized that everything has happened for good by Baba’s grace. Usually, due to fibroids, the movements of the fetus cannot be detected by the pregnant women as the fetus movement will occur only at the later stage. So when there are no movements (not alive) of the fetus, this will affect the pregnant women as it cannot be noticed by them becomes life threat. If I would have miscarried at later stage then that would be a problem for my survival. So I thought that Baba has saved my life from such thing.

Second experience was that, as mentioned above about fibroids I need to get fibroids removed after miscarriage through laparoscopy. I don’t know why I was so scared of the laparoscopic treatment when everyone says it’s normal. I always pray Baba, nothing strange should happen for me as I have 7 year old child who was so reserved & shy. I always bother my parents, sister, hubby, daughter & in law for undergoing this treatment which was not that serious but still I am scared. Finally I need to get operated on 10th October at 6:00 am which was not good time as per calendar (the date given by me to doctor) but it was Thursday. I was so scared of the timings. There was no chance of changing the date as the doctor would be out of station from 11th October till 21st October. I was praying Baba that I must get prasadam of His from any one on 9th October as I am getting operated on 10th October (which would be a good sign). But I didn’t get prasadam of Baba. I was little upset but had faith on Baba (due to Thursday). Next day morning, I, mother & husband went to hospital.

When I was getting ready for laparoscopic surgery, I received a call from assistant doctor stating that the main doctor was not well so, surgery would be postponed. I was like so happy. Even they were all happy because of the time. See Baba knows everything in prior hence I didn’t receive any prasadam. Then the surgery was postponed to 25th October. On 24th October, again I prayed Baba to send me udi or prasadam through any one. To my surprise, suddenly three Brahmans came stood in front of our house & asked for 5kgs of rice but we gave only 3kgs of rice to them. I don’t know whether they noticed the idol of Baba kept in our house but asked whether we are devotees of Baba. When we said yes then they took small Baba idol out from the bag along with udi & gave us udi from Baba idol & said that the Baba idol has come on its own. I was really shocked. The person who stood in the middle had an appearance of Baba & would be aging around 65 to 70 years. He did not speak to us but blessed me when I fell on his feet & they all left.

This shows how Baba cares for everyone. I am so blessed for this incident. As my wish, Baba appeared & gave me his darshan & udi. There was no bound to my happiness. Tears were rolling out from my eyes. The next day, the surgery took around 4 & half hours which normally take only 1 – 2 hrs. Doctors were into trouble & informed my hubby & mother that the surgery went well but was little complicated. Thanks for everything Baba. I love you so much. Baba always bless each and everyone. Thanks for everyone who read this lengthy experience. Om Sai Namo Namaha, Sree Sai Namo Namaha, Jai Jai Sai Namo Namaha, Sadguru Sai Namo Namaha.


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