Shirdi Sai Baba Miracle – Devotee From India

Sai Sister Shweta Ji from India says: Hi, my name is Shweta and I stay in Greater Noida, but my parents stay in Bihar. I have got manyexperiences of BABA in my life, but I would like to share a recent one. One day my brother told me that dad has got some problem, so they’ll come to Delhi after DUSHHERA. Doctors are suspecting for heart blockage. It will be an expense not less than 10 Lakhs. We always assume our parents as Superhero, so imagination of their bad healthand seeing them on hospital bed was something heartbreaking for me.

I was feeling very low. I was praying to BABA that there should be no need of any Surgery. On the day of Dushhera, I visited Greater Noida Sai Akshardham Temple and prayed the same to BABA. Finally, my parents came and we all went to Medanta for his check up. After Initial check up, Doctor said that blockage is there, but test will detect how much blockage is there. I was carrying SAISATCHARITRA with me and I kept on reading it during his check up and Angiography.

In evening junior doctor said everything is fine. He will be discharged after 6 hours and doctor will suggest some change in lifestyle. I heard this and felt BABA really loves His children. Next day Morning, we visited doctor and doctor said that he is surprised to see his reports. He explained it scientifically also. When supporting arteries have some blockage, report of ECG comes as heart blockage. This has no danger of heart attack at all. But this happens in rare cases. I was listening to Doctor’s word and feeling BABA’S miracle and presence in our life. I pray BABA to stay with us till our last breathe and please ignore our mistakes. We have no one other than You BABA. JAI SAI BABA.



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