Shirdi Sai Baba words Just Before MahaSamadhi

In the year 1918 on Vijayadasimi day, by 2:30 Hrs in the Afternoon, when Ekadasi was entering,Sai  sent all his devotees away, put his head on the shoulder of Bayyaji and breathed his last. Let us recollect the words he said before he attained Mahasamadhi. “I am feeling restless in Dwarakamayi. Take me to Butiwada”. In Butiwada a space was created to house Muralidhar as decided by Baba. Finally physical body of Sai was housed in Butiwada which was originally intended for installation of the idol of Muralidhar thereby proving that Shirdi Sai is one and same as Muralidhar, i.e. Krishna.

Today crores of devotees are visiting Samadhi mandir and are getting His blessings. In my opinion Sainath of Kali Yuga and Lord Sri Krishna of Dwapara Yuga are one and the same

Listen Sai As Lord Krishna :


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