Shirdi Sai Baba’s Miracle – Devotee from USA

Sai Devotee Senthil from USA says: I am a strong Sai devotee for the last few years and writing down the miracles that happened in my life. I owe everything to Sai. I suffered the most in my life last year (2013). Though few good events like my marriage, my parent’s visit all happened i was put to a jolt when my visa was denied. I lost my job and had to wait until 2014 for my visa to come. Each and every day i prayed Baba sincerely. Me and my wife were running into lots of financial issues and by that time my visa too was denied. Though my visa was denied i prayed to Baba with patience thinking that it was all for my good that it was not supposed to happen last year. I spend money lavishly without thinking how much a dollar means too many.

In this small time frame i have learnt enough about what life is and the value of money. We took everything step by step from then keeping Baba in my mind. My wife got a new job with a better salary and we moved to a new place. Every day when i pray an inner feeling tells me someday i will get the visa selection in lottery this year. There’s not been a single day without praying to Baba. He has never let me down. And today i got the golden words of my life that my application is selected in the visa lottery this year. All prayers to Baba. He has been with me at all tough times and taught me the best lesson. Never lose faith for He does good to all people who think good. Jai Sai




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