Shirdi Sai Blessed me – Anonymous Devotee from UK

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: I would like to share my recent experience with all the devotees of Shree Sai.This is my first experience on this site. My wife is regular reader of this blessed site and had published her experience as well. Reading experiences of different devotees definitely increase our faith in our beloved Baba. No words can describe His greatness. I want to share my recent job experience with you all. 

I migrated to UK in 2006 and got married in 2009. I was working in nights for 6 years which affected me and my family and after my marriage it was very difficult for me and my wife, so I decided to pursue further education and do MBA which after completion will help me in finding good job. I started MBA in 2011 and completed in October 2012. After completing my MBA in October, I started looking for job but was not sure in which profession I want to get a job. I decided to do another professional certification course which helps in finding job, but it was difficult after completing that as well. I actively started looking for job in January 2013 and I was daily spending around 7 hours finding job, completing applications and chasing recruitment consultants for me to get an interview. I managed to get couple of interview but was unsuccessful and after a month I was applying to the vacancy which was in London and far as well, but I was not getting any luck in the interview or I was rejected because I did not have enough industry experience. 

Me and my wife were praying to Baba daily to give me a job and I was ready to take any pay rate and was prepared to travel as well as long as I get into the field of project management and gain some experience. This was the time Baba was testing my patience and faith in Him. At one point we were thinking whether I will get desired job or not because since January I was trying hard with no luck till mid may. In May I applied to one company which was near London and luckily with Baba’s wish, I got a telephone interview which was on Thursday. The vacancy was for a project manager in an IT company and the person interviewing me was the person who was going to be my manager. I performed well in the telephone interview and I was hoping that I get a personal interview invite from this company. I believed this is what Baba wanted and planned for me. With Baba’s blessing, I got a face to face interview invite on 4th July 2013, which was Thursday and my wedding anniversary. The interview went on for 2 hours for which I worked hard and prepared well. After interview, I was told that they will provide the feedback in 1-2 weeks. According to me, I performed well and I was hoping that I get a positive feedback and get this job. My wife was also positive for this job as was easy to commute though bit far. Everybody was praying to Baba for me to get this job, my mom dad, my father in law, mother in law, she fasted for me to get this job and went barefoot walking to Baba’s Temple for me to get this job. 

All of their prayers and Baba’s blessing were showered on me and I received a call from the company’s HR representative asking me to attend another interview and asked me to prepare a presentation of my previous project work experience. I asked for some more time for me to prepare the presentation but they do not have more time. I had to prepare my presentation in one day and attended the interview next day. It was in very tight schedule for me and I was doing the presentation for the first time in my life and I did not know how many people were attending the presentation. The presentation was on Wednesday 10th July and lasted for half hour. I did ok in the presentation. I was really hoping for me to get this job with any pay scale. It was 11th July 2013 Thursday and my wife was hoping that I will get an offer today as it was Thursday. It was around 4 pm, I received a call from this company and they were happy to offer me this position and the package was all above our expectations. I could not believe initially that it was true and I got very happy and excited. I immediately called my wife and coincidently, she got her job lunch break at the same time. She was also very very happy hearing the news. This is the best and right gift which Dear Baba gifted us on our 5th marriage anniversary. Without Baba’s Blessing, I might not have been able to get this job. May Baba bless us all always. Thanks for everything Baba. Om Sai Ram. 



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