Shirdi Sai Gave me the Best Gift in Life – Devotee from India

Sai Devotee  from India says: Om Sai Ram to everyone here. I am Pragati a big Sai devotee. This is my second post as I promised my Sai Nath I will post it. There are many small and big miracles in my life too as other people but this one is the biggest one which I can say impossible, but my Sai Baba  made it possible for me. 

Here is my experience. In May 2013, I had completed my Bachelors in Computer Science B.C.A. I didn’t want to do that course but my father forced me to do it as I will get a degree, so I did that but forcefully. I was so depressed that time and I didn’t talked to anyone, didn’t make any friends, loose all my confidence, everything, but in 2012 my cousin sister gave me one Book of Sainath name ‘Sai Leelaamrut’. I must say we should call that Book a miracle Book like Sai Satcharitra, but it is tough in comparison of Sai Satcharitra. Many hurdles came in my way, but I completed that book. I wished to my Sai Nath that I wanted to go abroad for my studies, although it was impossible for me to study abroad as studies are so very expensive and my parents can’t afford it but still I believed my Sai Nath that He will surely listen to me. 

Then my Sai Nath sends someone in my life so that, that person can fulfill this dream of mine. He is my uncle (my mother’s cousin brother) who lives in USA from past 35 years. I met him and then my father was also agreed to send me to USA, slowly and steadily all my paperwork was completed. I got admission in a good college. Then I had to clear my interview f1 visa which was really very difficult for me to clear as my English is also not that good. I took my interview date on 16 Jan 2014, but my visa was denied. I felt so very bad and scolded Sai Nath that if You don’t want me to go to USA then why You had done this much also, why You made such hope for me that will never happen. Then again I tried but it was a last chance for me as my father told me. But this time I prepared well for my interview and went to one website Sai Baba Question and Answer, in which I asked Sai Nath whether I will get my visa this time or not?? and His answer was “Work will be done if you take the help of a friend. Baba’s blessings are also with you. You will travel. Auspicious function will take place. Donate Rs.10”. Then I took visa date on 28 March 2014 that too I asked from Sai Nath by chits. I was a bit nervous, but to my surprise I got interviewer who was Indian but rest all were American there. But my Sai Nath was there with me so I got an Indian interviewer and i was so happy that time. Lastly I cleared my interview and he was totally impressed by my performance and he approved my USA visa. 

I am so damn lucky that I am a devotee of Baba. People say that Sai Nath Himself choose His devotees, so I am so thankful to my Sai Nath that You choose me and You listen to my prayers. Sorry Sai Nath, sometimes I feel so depressed and disgusted that I shouted and yelled on You, but still You are with me. I must say that if you will pray to Sai Nath wholeheartedly, even a smallest prayer He will surely listen to you and will fulfil your prayer and if not then He will give you more than your expectations and you will never feel bad for things that Sai didn’t gave you. Just do good, think positive and surrender to Sai Nath. Your work will be done. Om Sai Nath to everyone. Hope people who think that Sai Nath is not there between us or think bad for Him, for those people I want to say that if you will come under His Holy Feet you all will be the luckiest persons. 



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