Shirdi Sai Miracles Experiences with Devotees

Shirdi Sai Miracles Experiences:

Shirdi Sai Miracles Experiences #1: How Sai Saved me!

Sai devotee from India writes: I am posting my experience or Miracle of the beloved Sai. Thank you and let Sai always bless all. June 8th.2015, 08:15 PM, In the night, I was returning back to home after singing evening Aarti in my friend’s house, so I had jumped right into a private bus out of Tin factory and was sitting near the window in the back seat (Right side). The bus was moving slowly from TF to Kr Puram. From there, it picked up speed till Doddonekunndi. Due to rain, the roads were jammed and there was heavy traffic. Due to this, the driver diverted the bus to the service street, he was going very quickly to avoid getting trapped in the traffic jam. Suddenly when turning right near Ecospace, the bus fell into a drain and had been above to topple over, and since I had been sitting inside of window if the bus could have toppled, I would’ve got crushed and got killed or broken many of bones due to falling of passengers and bus on me, but why fear when Baba is here.

Due to Baba’s Grace, passing or injuries were averted as Baba gave all passengers existence of a mind to reunite from bus quickly and a major accident was averted By who else But our one and only Saviour Sweet Baba. Frankly, I am not in the best of health or financially sound, Baba saved me from that too. It has been a long time since I haven’t shared any Baba Miracles but it doesn’t mean that Baba is not with me even a moment, Koti Koti Pranams Baba, Only thing let me be devoted to You, allow me to see You in everyone, allow me to serve You with Shraddha, Saburi. Loads of love Baba. Thank you for being in this undeserved servants life. As my experiences with Baba goes, He creates the problem, creates more problem till we can’t bear it, but He will always be with us holding our hand and guiding us. As soon as we think life before Baba, we will know how unsatisfactory we have to lead our life, however after Baba has come to our life, we will be more peaceful too, that is Baba for us, He is everything wrapped into one.

Shirdi Sai Miracles Experiences #2: Sai Blessings!

Sai Blessings.
Sai Blessings.

I am from India, become Lord Sai’s devotee from this calendar year 2015 until then I never knew about Lord Sai’s miracles and teachings. I always believed in God but never understood how to pray, was been crying and praying to God to bless me and to help me with my troubles. One fine day, my neighbor lady asked me to accompany her to Lord Shiva Temple for which I agreed, in the entry of the Temple there was a small queue at the footwear stand area so we had been waiting for our turn to maintain our sandals. I had been there with all doubts and ideas in my mind and suddenly I happened to find one elderly lady sitting at one corner beneath the hot sunshine and staring at me, I felt sad looking at her and I just handed over Rs. 100 for which she thanked me and disappeared in no time. I did not much try to understand nor discussed this incident with my neighbor woman, we’d a nice temple visit, felt very nice and blessed. But my difficulty followed me like a shadow along with my daily struggle was to overcome off it.

Following a month, I happened to see Lord Sai’s picture on FB, I had been little curious to know and began browsing info regarding lord Sai, I happened to see one Picture where lord Sai sitting together with one person and pointing out His Hand towards two lizards on the wall, which made me more curious to understand the story which took me straight to a life history chapters of Lord Sai, I read the story of lizards, felt quite interesting and end of that page arrow markers showing page next and previous, my curiosity made me to click previous and I took to read from chapter 1 and finished reading all the chapter within 4 or 5 days of time (but at that time I had no idea the book which I had been reading was holy Sai Satcharitra). I discovered the story of Lord Sai is indeed interesting and gave me a lot of peace of mind. Afterward I happened to read some sites about lord Sai’s 9 Thursday Vrat and felt like doing but was bit confused since I did not understand how to adhere to some customs, so I flew to Lord Sai for His aid and that night (on Tuesday), I had a dream where I had been asking for forgiveness by touching ft of one aged lady and she had been blessing me keeping her both hands on my head, I unexpectedly got up to know what was that fantasy for I ignored and slept again. After sometime around 5:30 am, I had another dream where Lord Sai Himself appeared and said: “Pray to Me, you are My child, you will be blessed”. I again got up, was shocked and confused at that moment thinking about both the dreams, it reminded me a number of those chapters of holy Sai Satcharitra where Lord Sai communicating with His devotees by giving them a vision.

After a couple of weeks, I came to understand about holy Sai Satcharitra Parayan (Actually, I had already finished one Parayan earlier unknowingly with Lord Sai’s Grace). I again began reading online and one fine day while reading some chapters it reminded me meaning of my first fantasy of old woman blessing me none besides the lady whom I had met in the temple, meanwhile I completed my first 9 Thursday Vrat, got plenty of strength and courage and I will keep continuing doing 9 Thursday Vrat and reading of holy Sai Satcharitra as I have now complete trust in my Lord Sai. I am still with my problem, however, there is a great deal of difference in me then and now, now I have got confidence from Lord Sai, therefore, I have absolute faith in Him, I am eagerly waiting for the day where my wish will be fulfilled as promised with my Lord Sai. I surrendered entirely to my Lord Sai and I always mention that “Lord Sai just like how Chand Patil lost his loving mare and found a stone in form of You, I feel the same that I dropped my life/peace/health and found a gem in form of You Lord Sai. I feel it’s million worth losing my peace of mind/health and it’s really worth taking this pain since I discovered my Lord Sai because of my savior. My humble request to all the devotees, do not drop confidence keep faith and patience, know each and every word of Lord Sai and practice it. Lord Sai will give you a great deal of power to face your problems and one fine day as He promised, He will fulfill all your wishes, my special prayers with Lord Sai to all those devotees who’ve been waiting for His Grace since long, could Lord Sai shower all His blessings in your prayers, do not doubt on His love, His words are accurate, never lose faith in Sai, He knows how to save you where to get you.

Shirdi Sai Miracles Experiences #3:  Baba Kindness!

Chant Sai Name.
Chant Sai Name.

I am a housewife staying in Hyderabad. As I promised to Baba, I want to share the experience with you all. First I want to say sorry to our beloved Sai for the late posting of this experience. In the year of 2013, my brother has obtained a gold loan of Rs.5 Lakhs on the basis to pay interest on gold for every month from a reputed financial company to begin the new business. Few months the business went well, but later he confronted the reductions in his business. Due to the reduction, he was unable to cover the interest to the financial company on the time. Due to the continuation of the reduction in his business, he shut it and he discovered the job abroad.

Meanwhile, the gold loan contract came to the end, they delivered the letter to my parents to cover the principal amount along with interest to release the gold otherwise they will ship our decorations for auction. They delivered the letter 15 days before of auction date however we didn’t assess the correspondence. We checked it before 4 days of the auction date. My parents and I were worried about the way to organize such enormous quantity in four days. My parents also have tried the total amount from our friends and relatives, however, we didn’t receive the sum everywhere. I prayed Baba to solve this issue and I promised Him if people get the amount in time, I will post my experience in this website. Baba showed His kindness on us and we obtained the amount in time during my cousin, he agreed to give the amount to us without any interest. The amount arranged to us about precisely the exact same day of the auction date. Really Baba helped us in the kind of our cousin. Thank You, Baba, thank You so much for helping us to conquer this tough situation.

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