Shirdi Sai Miracles Happens Again and Again

Shirdi Sai Miracles:

These below Shirdi Sai Miracles are from His Devotees.

Shirdi Sai Miracles #1 – By Sai Devotee Swathi from India.

Om Sai Ram, Baba may bless all his devotees. Please excuse for any errors in this miracle experience. I  still remember one year back, our family has been in a horrible situation, where the whole household shattered after my dad’s passing. It was hard to obtain an educated guy in our community. The moment, I got in touch with this website, watched some relief and advancement within our life. Your prayers have been answered. Thanks for it.

And later I published my experience, where I’d posted about the prosperous union, where all the friends, relatives, and all the folks were proud of mother that she did union so nicely. Many people had come that it was an album to this the marriage hall and also problems in initial days of marriage because of his greedy aunts demanding my loved ones, which were making my husband act rudely with me personally. And all of my family members were in the very bad state due to their tortures for my family. Eventually, that got solved along with the truth won. I was praying for my job too here in the foreign country. I received a job because of Baba’s grace, in which it is very tough to have work.

My husband and his aunts were telling my husband not to have a baby for the following 2 years, and my husband is 33 years old. They just wanted to use our hard earned cash and were always behind my money. They also had insecurities that should we get a baby, in which my spouse will completely support me and my family. They always used to tell bad things about my mom (who constantly expects good things from others) stating my mom killed my dad and also my husband was speaking ill of the mother. He didn’t like my mother, where I could not restrain when my husband had been scolding my mom for anything. My mom and father struggled for us now have a wonderful lifestyle, gave us all the things that we want.

Shirdi Sai Miracles#1.
Shirdi Sai Miracles#1.

Ultimately, I prayed Baba wholeheartedly to solve these issues and need a baby this season only. By Baba’s grace now I’m 5 months pregnant. It is all because of Baba. My husband can also be pleased with me and takes care of me very well, respects my mother today. Thank you Baba. I don’t know how much I should thank You Baba. Thank you a lot. Today I’m in this state because of You just Baba. Please Baba be with me and my family. Originally, only I and my youngest sister were able to worship Baba. If I say anything, my mom says Baba is not there. I am very happy that Baba pulled whole my family members towards Him.

Additionally, I want to share one more incident, which happened with my neighbor’s buddy. Her family was searching for a proposition from several decades. Nothing used to work out. She wasn’t at all happy. She used to be very sad that nobody wants her. She did all types of poojas. Her younger sister would be the best friend of mine. They searched many places. Post union I went to Shirdi and receive them Sai Satcharitra and told them to believe Baba. Today she got married and happily married to a nice man. She’s very happy now. They began thinking Baba and went to Shirdi following marriage. I felt so happy after hearing that. Thank you Baba thanks a lot Deva. You are constantly there for Your devotees.

Please deva. Allow my husband not to hear his aunts and sisters, that always sense insecurity that where he’d leave them. They need their husband to obey them. Baba please allow my husband aunts be in their own world even if they do anything and hurt us (me and my loved ones). Let it not come to us. Please protect us from them. They talk well with him and he’d be ready to do anything for them. They’re always there to extract items from my spouse deva. Please make him realize his responsibilities towards wife and kid deva. Please Baba. Please safeguard my mom, sisters, and brother out of them. Please deva. Please pray for my younger sister’s wedding. I am suspecting that my husband’s aunts did something to marriage brokers, in which a couple of them is not responding to our calls at all. Being a single parent, it’s a lot of burden to mom, nevertheless have younger sister and brother to get married. Please pray for my younger sis’s marriage with a fantastic suggestion. She’s good looking and educated. But in our community, it’s quite hard to become excellent suggestions, where if the guy is educated, he will not be good looking and settled and very old. If the man is good looking and he wouldn’t have studied. Pray for my sister using a nice proposal, well educated and a responsible man and nice family.

Recently 1 proposal arrived, where the two families liked each other really well. But we don’t know they stated they have not got the boon from their family deity. We both the families liked each other very nicely. Both my sister and the groom enjoyed each other. I don’t know they stated they will request again in the god and let us know. But they still haven’t returned. They enjoyed our family very much. We also enjoyed their family very much. We got this proposal from our loved ones, where they know that family really well. Baba is there. My father helped that relative uncle many years back. Now that uncle got this proposal. We thought if we help the individuals, that are in need, one or another day they’d help us in turn. That’s true Baba. Please pray for my sister for good suggestion and well-educated guy. Shri Samarda Sadguru Sai Nath maha raj ki Jai!!!.

Shirdi Sai Miracles #1 – By Sai Devotee From India.

Hi Sai Devotees, Please read my expertise and explanation for any errors. The last afternoon of my academic life and one of the most significant as I had to submit my Project Report. At the time I never thought in Sai Baba. I always thought that hard work will help me overcome every problem.

The day before the job entry, I was planning and editing my job and also among my pals, Raj’s job. I completed everything by 4 p.m. and proceeded to give it for the final print, binding and gold engraving on top of the binding. The printers, near Raj’s house, refused to take the project since they would not be in a position to give it by 8 am next day. I had been staying in Raj house and our school was about 40kms from there. We mailed it to a buddy, who filed it to a printer near our college and we were to collect it by 10 in the morning. The next day we left in Raj Automobile. I first read Raj’s presentation for him and then I opened my job report.

Shirdi Sai Miracles#2.
Shirdi Sai Miracles#2.

Horror struck me as I started my undertaking. I had made among the biggest blunders of my life. Instead of writing my details and project title on the first page, I’d by mistake entered Raj details. This is the webpage which will be engraved and will also be inside. My entire two years of MBA and that which flashed right in front of me and it felt like it was around. The professors and interviewers would never accept it. After about 15 minutes of tensed discussions, Raj said do not worry, just close your eyes and ask Sai Baba for assistance. Reluctantly I agreed and I closed my eyes and with all my heart that I mentioned Oh Sai, please assist me, please just change everything. I beg u Sai.

I felt somewhat milder, but still, the tension wasn’t over. We attained the printer and were urgently searching for our job amongst 100, that were there. Raj discovered his and it was perfect. Everything was perfect even the 1st page. The Miracle- My mind kept thinking how did this occur. When we attained the bill payment counter, the man collecting it said, both of your endeavors had the same first page so I read inside and altered the first page for you. I was amazed. A guy, who did not know anything about the project, that had no need to read or change anything, he was also not educated and yet he did something meaningful.

That individual I understood was Sai Baba. He came in the kind of that individual to help me make a miracle. I  was so happy…Yes Baba does miracles. Think of him, chant his name, he will pull you even from death. Om Sai Ram!.

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