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Shirdi Sai Presence in my life:

Devotee from India writes about  Shirdi Sai Presence in her life.

Om Sai Ram everyone. Happy to write about my god and guru Sai Baba. I appreciate this website’s efforts in sharing the miracles of Sai baba in everyone’s life. Sai Baba is the only guide for my life. He shows his care for me whenever I need it. I had many experiences with Sai Baba.

When my father in a financial crisis and all our relatives were making my father low, I and my mother prayed to Baba for help. Baba has shown me his power within the span of a week. The Brother of my dad’s friend who cheated on him came from the USA to give back all money that my dad saved in his brother’s chit fund company. From that day we became complete devotees of baba.

Not only me, whoever needs help or in trouble, just close your eyes imagine Baba’s face, and see the miracle. I won’t say that Baba solves all your problems. But he makes us strong in facing all the problems of our lives. Baba preaching makes us live in a modest way. The way he says to love the enemy doesn’t insult people teach us humanity and love.

I myself feel baba in every step of my life. I don’t ask anything from baba, I know he gives me all we want at the right time. When my husband was in search of a job, he used to be very depressed. I made him study Baba Parayanam, which made him think positively. So Baba’s blessing helps to generate positivity.

Shirdi Sai Presence and Baba loves sharing: so always sharing is the best option that kills ego and pride in us. Share to poor kills our “Purvajana” karmas. Baba teaches us to feed food for animals they are gods, when we are in Bangalore I used to visit the baba temple regularly with Prasad. Once a dog was behind me for Prasad, when I was scared, my husband told me that baba came near in form of a dog don’t run feed it. Even I read this Parayanam, where baba went to one devotee house for Prasad as a dog, but she scolded the dog. When she brought Prasad for baba, Baba asked when I came to your home Prasad but you scolded me. She runs to home gave food to that dog. So all poor animals are god so feed them. So even I used to feed that dog regularly.

Shirdi Sai Presence – Once we were going out on some work, my husband did puja and lighted diyas. We left out and came back after 2 hours. I was surprised to see baba idol was burned, I felt it as a bad sign. But husband and neighbors observed and told me that it was a miracle. As our puja mandir was wooden and I placed the paper under the frames. And the fire didn’t catch anything, if baba idol got fire why the paper didn’t burn. If paper and wood have caught fire, then it can be a serious accident. So baba saved our house burning him.

One of my old neighbor who used to stay beside our previous house called my husband and told that he wants to visit our home. But due to my busy schedule, my husband ignored me. But suddenly on the day of Guru Poornima, my old uncle suddenly visited our house. I just came from baba temple and saw him standing in front of my house with a very big photo frame of baba. I invited him inside the house, he came and gave me a photo frame. A photo frame has a baba face; the miracle is that from any corner of the house if you see that frame you feel that baba is smiling at you.  He told me that see baba came for you, I told uncle thanks. He said don’t say thanks he told me that if deliver baby boy keep name SAI. I was shocked at that time I don’t know that I was pregnant. After that, I named my son SAI.

Shirdi Sai Presence – t was my first visit to Shiridi with my son; we all went for his naming ceremony. On the day of the ceremony, the temple was crowded. We are puzzled that how to keep the name as it was too rush inside the temple. Suddenly one policeman man came and took me and my son directly in front of SAI BABA (I forgot that day to see SAI NADH with a beautiful smile and giving his blessings). Their priest took my son in hand and placed on baba Samadhi and then took him to near baba idol and told his name in baba ears.  That day I felt baba blessed by my family.

Not only this moment, every moment I feel his presence. But I never do special puja for him, but I remember him the whole day. I feel any tension and just take baba Parayanam and I will close my eyes select one page. I read that page, it is sure that baba will say something that can reduce my tension.

Baba Vibudi has more powers. When my kids are sick I just keep the the Vibudi as its plays magic. I carry Vibudi I’m bad all day. Vibudi from baba keeps bad sight away from you.

Whenever my husband feels for career and money, I just say that baba is with us he knows when and what to give for us.

So as a baba devotee, I just want to say one thing, just believe baba. Baba needs only two things SHRADDHA and SHABURI. Follow baba preaching of love and share, feel baba in all your work. He will give you want you to need and deserve.

Shirdi sai presence is everywhere and HE will be watching us every moment.

Sachinanada Sadguru Sai Nadh Maha Raj Ki JaI!.

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