Shirdi Sai shows A Better Way – Anonymous Devotee From India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: To begin with, I was not a devotee of Sai Baba at all until recently. Now I can’t imagine the start and end of my day without taking His name. It so happened that 2-3 months back. I started receiving Sai Baba’s prasad from Shirdi in some or the other way (once through my friend, second time through my friend’s relative and third time through my relative). So I felt there is someone calling.

One day in office, I got into spiritual discussion with my friend. He asked me if I believed in Sai Baba. I said No. I don’t. He said No problem. But then somehow again we got into discussing about Sai Baba and he said that Baba will solve all your problems. I felt very light on hearing this and continued the discussion, where he gave me more details about BABA , Sai Satcharitra and also gave me the link to your blog. I am really thankful to him for doing so.

Within couple of months, I have had many experiences of Saima, but the one I would like to share the most recent experience. Every year for Diwali, I and my husband used to go to my in-law’s place in Hyderabad. But this time we asked them to come to us to celebrate it at Pune. They agreed. So we decided to go to Shirdi and have a Darshan of Sai Baba on Diwali day (3rd Nov). I was very excited that BABA had chosen such a nice day for me and had made all arrangements. But BABA’s plans were different.2 days before Diwali, I and my mother-in-law decided to go shopping, but she had a very bad cold and headache. So I asked her to stay at home. But she insisted that she would accompany me and we went to the market.

While getting down the steps from a particular shop, she kind of put her foot down hard on the next step and next moment she was in terrible knee pain. We thought it would be a sprain and would vanish. So I took her home and applied some thailam (oil) on her knee, sprayed Volini sprain relief spray and also applied BABA’s UDI and thought it would be fine. But the pain did not reduce and I thought something was wrong and we scheduled an appointment with our family doctor. Upon seeing her knees, he said it doesn’t seem like a sprain to me, but looks like some ligament problem. He asked for an MRI to be done immediately and we went to get her MRI done the same night at around 9.30 PM. The MRI reports showed a crucial ligament tear and also some cysts and fluid collection.

Doctor said that this injury is very old (like 5-6 years back) and it was a series of events arranged by BABA, which helped us diagnose this. Doctor said that ligaments need not be repaired now due to her age and she needs to continue with physiotherapy to prevent further degeneration of knees, but the cysts and fluid collection can be removed by a minor surgery. We are waiting to consult the doctor again to get a date for this procedure. Meanwhile, I was very disappointed that we had to cancel our Shirdi trip. But I thought that we could visit the Sai Baba temple on Alandi road.

We arranged for a cab and reached temple at 6.15 PM on Diwali day. The environment was so peaceful and we forgot all our pains. As soon as we entered the temple, my husband pointed out to an old man sitting on the corridor that he looked exactly like BABA. I turned around and was astonished! It was none other than BABA. But as this was my first experience seeing or experiencing BABA, I was little scared to go near Him and take His blessings. So I told in my mind that when I come back if You are there, I will certainly come to You. But when I checked back after sometime, He was not there. But I did not get disheartened because at least BABA gave us His Darshan on Diwali day as I wished. Moreover, had my Mother-in-law not accompanied me for shopping the other day, we would not have discovered her problems at all and had BABA’s UDI cured it that day. She would have got the pain again sometime in future in Hyderabad and it would have been aggravated to an extent, where she would have needed aknee replacement. But we are really very grateful to BABA for showing us a way every time and being with us always.B


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