Shiridi Sai Baba During My Tough Times – Anonymous Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all the Sai devotees.Please keep me anonymous and do not share my email id. Feel free to edit my experience where ever necessary.

I am in love with a Sikh guy and I am Hindu Punjabi. There is very little difference in our religion, I mean we speak the same language (Punjabi), follow same culture, tradition and customs in fact the food that we eat is also same, the difference is that Sikh don’t cut hair. After 4.5 years of our relationship one day I disclosed about my relationship to my parents as they wanted to start looking for an alliance for me. Parents on both the sides disagreed. Both of us cried day and night and tried very hard to convince our parents but all in vain. I somehow was able to convince my dad though my mother was still against. At his place his father said a strict no. Ultimately we guys were separated. We even stopped talking with each other. I kept telling him that God is there he’ll find a way but he didn’t have any hopes. I used to cry day and night and went into depression. One day I was scrolling through my Facebook page and I saw Sai Baba ji’s photo and I started praying him to get me married to my love. Then I joined 2-3 pages of Sai Baba community. Slowly and gradually I started worshiping him but I knew very little about Him though I had been to Shirdi 2 years before disclosing my relationship to my family and there also I had prayed Baba ji to keep me and my love together.

So when the problem came. Baba ji ran and came for help. I saw a photo of Baba ji in which it was written read Sri Sai Satcharitra and Baba will answer your prayers. I immediately searched it on the internet and started reading. I have read it a number of times with Baba ji’s grace. Slowly and gradually I started becoming normal though I used to cry my heart out every night but I had started eating food and talking to friends. I and my love had stopped talking completely but once in a blue moon we somehow used to talk on messages for a minute or two. He became very stubborn but inside he used to cry but always used to avoid showing me thinking that i’will again become ill. Time passed and my final exams approached. We both were studying in the same collage. After talking to him I still found the he had no hopes for our relationship. I asked Baba ji if you will bring us together then give me a dream and I saw a dream where in my love was saying that his father has agreed and I close my eyes to thank Baba ji and I saw his white idol, I woke up from my dream and was very happy and cried like anything. 

One day I started to Google something related to Baba ji and came across Baba’s question answerwebsite. I asked a number of questions and Baba ji has always replied in positive. But nothing has happened until now. I have stopped showing my parents the mental agony and pain I am going through because I don’t want to hurt them. I have got a number of positive signs also like he messaged me on 1 August 2013 i.e Thursday and we talked in video call and he spoke his heart out. He told me how much he misses me and how difficult it is for him to control his emotions, he even told me that he again approached his dad for our relationship but again nothing fruitful happened. He has also made me donate food andclothes to the needy. He has come in my dreams a number of times and gave me udi and Prasad of sugar candy, He even applied udi on my forehead. I try my level best to surrender to him but sometimes am not able to. I only pray to him if you’ll get us married keep us and our families happy.

A year back I was not able to feel Sai Baba ji’s presence so I kept praying him to please show your presence then after few days I saw a blessing on Sai baba’s blessing page on Facebook which says “if you want to feel my presence read stories about me” and I immediately goggled Sai Baba’s stories and came across this divine blog. Sai Baba ji has said that if you take one step towards me I’ll take 10 steps towards you but I feel Baba ji has taken 1000 steps towards me and helped me in becoming healthy and in overcoming my depression and fears. He tests me a number of times. I have seen a number of alliances also leaving everything on Baba ji. He even arranged a shirdi trip in 2013 for my mom, dad and me. Leaving everything on Baba ji I just pray and request all my Sai brothers and sisters to pray Baba ji to set everything right in my life. May Sai Baba ji bless all of us. Om Sai Namoh Namah Shri Sai Namah Namah Jai Jai Sai Namoh Namah Sadguru Sai Namah Namah ..


  1. Dear Sister,

    Om Sai Ram!

    Hope both of you are together now and leading a happy life.

    One thing I’ve learnt in life. Everything happens at divine time. That’s perfect time. God knows when to make it happen. May be both of you had to complete some unfinished business or pay karmic debts or get some self realizations before God had to bring you together.

    It’s like we’re sitting in the train and thinking why the train is not starting. God know if the train starts now, it will meet with an accident because there’s a train coming from opposite site with high speed. Railway staffs may not know. God knows about it. Just an example.

    One strange incident happened to me 2-3 years ago. I was about to leave for office. Suddenly my dressing table got locked while closing it. The key was inside. I was desperate to open it as I needed something from inside before starting. I kept pulling with force. After a few minutes it got opened. I was wondering why this happened. Later I realized probably God saved me from an accident on the road to office. May be. Our pain is His pain. I’ve come to the realization that when are in pain, Baba is also in pain. He remains quiet that time. He knows we’ve to go thru this pain or suffering for some reason. We think Baba has left us. You’re blessed. Baba came in your dreams and guided you.

    Stay blessed. May Baba keep showing to you and your family!

    Om Sai Ram.


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