Shiridi Sai Baba – The Savior – Sai Devotee from India

Om Shri Sai Baba. Dear Sai Devotees, I came to the know Baba in 2007 during my last year in college. From that moment till now, I have countless experiences with Shri Sai Baba. He is always around, guiding in good and bad times. As a matter of fact, I daily see His blessing in one or the other form. I will write one very peculiar experience here. A bit long though! By Baba’s grace, I am in US currently and my job is going good. I do not have a car yet which is a necessity in US. So I used to take rental car on weekends to go here and there with my friends. I used to take car rental at a price of $24 per day plus $22 per day for collision insurance which rental companies provide. So, a total of around $46 per day. Collisioninsurance covers the car for any external damage and in case if it is damaged, you need not to worry because you took collision insurance. I went on like this for 4-5 weeks. Then I got to know that I do not need to take Collision insurance ($22 thing) separately as my credit card covers that for me. I was happy that it would save me $22 per day while taking the rental. So, next time I took the car without collision insurance.
It was weekend and I went to grocery store to buy some stuff for my home. While coming home, the car got hit to a trolley and there were few scratches on the rear bumper. The car was black in color (Volkswagen Pass at) and the scratches were clearly visible. I was scared at once and thought that it is going to be very troublesome now as I did not take Collision insurance from My Rental Company and was relying on my credit card company. I reached home and searched the internet. I was shocked to see the experience of people. They had written that even a small scratch can sometimes cost you $800 to $1000 because the rental companies will say that we will have to replace whole bumper. Even credit card companies back out sometimes. I was deeply worried and that day I continued searching net and could not find anybody who had a nice experience with these rental companies. I could not eat the food properly and was totally depressed that it would cost me at least $500, if not more. I could not eat and could not sleep properly.

Next day, I was to return car to rental folks. I knew nothing except my Baba and called Him to save me from the trouble. While driving to the rental company, I put on the Sai Raksha Mantra on my mobile and kept on chanting Baba’s name. The scratches were too many and were easily observable even from a distance. But I had faith in Baba and I drove to the rental company. Once you hand them the keys, they go to inspect the car once, to make sure it’s in the same condition as it was provided to you. That guy said, he is going to check the car and he went out and I prayed to Baba. The scratches were on rear left side. I was watching him from a window. That guy went through rear right side and checked and he found nothing. Then he went ahead to the front right and found nothing. Then he went to the front left and found nothing. Then…he did not go to the rear left and directly sat in the car to check the fuel rating!! He came back and said ‘All set, everything’s fine’!! I was thrilled at once and thanked Baba for His grace. But suddenly, one girl who just came in to take a rental car said, she need the same car which I came to drop. I was tensed again because if she has to take car, the rental folks will have to go with her again near car and will have her check the car. I thought this time I will be caught but here comes Baba again, the rental guy told her that he needs to wash that car and he cannot give it like that. She insisted and he rejected again. So did Baba reject her request :).

Then finally, third thing, the rental guys drops you to your home after you hand them over the car. Usually, they do it in the same car which you returned. I again prayed to Baba because this time I thought the chances of getting caught are more as that person will drive the car and will go through the rear left (steering being on left in US). But there he came and told me that he has a different car in which he will drop me! What a wonderful experience and what a way to save. Baba was always with me, I could feel Him. He rejected all the requests that tried to go against me. The experience did not stop here.

Next time, while renting the car I placed two chits in front of Baba,and asked him whether I should take collision insurance or not. The answer came as “Take it”. I felt disappointed as it resulted me in paying $66 more over the weekend and could not understand why Baba wanted me to pay $66 more. But, Baba’s order is to be followed with full faith. Only He knows His ways. I followed Him and took collision from rental. When I drove over weekend, everything was fine except when I was just going to return the car. I saw a small crack in the front windshield! It seemed small stone might have hit it with force. But by Baba’s grace, I had taken full collision coverage and thus I did not bother about that and returned the car without any tension:) Pondering over the issue, I think Baba made me pay $66 more 2nd time because in first instance, though unintentionally, the car was hit by me and I was responsible for that damage.

So, He made me pay $66 next time which was reasonable for the damage. Baba, You increased my faith in You by 1000 times. I am Your child, please bless me like that. Always be with me, my family, and everybody who seek Your blessings. Thanks Baba, love You always.



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