Shiridi Sai Miracles – From Sai Baba Devotee

Hello devotees, here are some Shiridi Sai Miracles from one of the sai devotees.

I am a devotee of Baba now, since he took us under his wings like 3 years ago. I have experienced so many miracles from the past 3 years.

Shiridi Sai Miracles #1:

I have been living in a western country and 3 years back, I started feeling home sick, and I wanted to visit my family back home. There was no way that i could take a trip to India, because I only had 3 days of available PTO(Paid Time Off) at work. So i did Sai Parayan for a week, and prayed to him that I have to visit home even if it’s for a week. Magically, everything fell into place and i went to India from two and a half weeks, and all my home sickness vanished. That was my first experience with my beloved Sai.

Sai Miracles #2:

I prayed to Baba to bless us with a healthy baby#2. It was important to me that my daughter have a sibling to grow up with. So I did Sai Parayan for another week. I fell pregnant shortly. My daughter was very happy to know that she was about to get a healthy baby sibling soon. Then I got the results of first trimester blood work and doctor told me that two proteins in the blood was off and they send me for a diagnostics test. If the results from the diagnostics test came back positive, that means that the baby has a complication and most likely he would not survive. So i prayed to Baba to save our baby and did Sai Saccharitra parayan again, this time with the intention of getting a negative result in the diagnostics test. Sai fulfilled my wish again. The result came back negative and We now have a perfectly healthy and adorable baby boy and we named him after Sai.

Shiridi Sai Miracles.
Shiridi Sai Miracles.

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Sai Miracles #3:

I have been working in my current company for quite a few years, and my daily commute to work was 2.5 hours round trip. I wanted to find a job which is close to work. So i did Sai Parayan again. I had an interview 4 weeks back, on Thursday and got through the interview. I am waiting for my offer letter. I have an interview with another company close to my home this coming Thursday(this is a sign from Baba). If this comes through(It will, as Baba is showing me all the signs that it will), i will have 2 offers to choose from. Both are close to my home(20 minutes s away from home) .

Thank you Baba for taking us under your wings. I completely surrender myself to you. You are the owner of our family. Please hold our hands and take us in the right direction. You are our lord and saviour. Sri Sacchidananda Sadhguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki JAI…..

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