Shraddha (Faith) And Saburi(Patience) – Anonymous Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: This site has been a booster injection for those drowns with tension, stress, depression, nervousness, and problems. Here I give my experience. Please add it in your site Devotees Experiences. If I am grammatically wrong, please correct me. Please don’t disclose my name and email Id.

I along with my family members have been Sai devotee since our childhood. My Maasi, who was/is a staunch devotee of Saibaba, introduced us to Sai. We are devoted to our Sai since last 35 years. On 28.6.2013, we sold our 28 Gunthas of agricultural land at a village ‘Markal’ near Pune. My aunty, who is 72years old and handicapped, was the owner of the land. I was tense 1 month earlier thinking what if we were duped? I kept praying baba daily that transaction should be completed in peace. We should not be duped and no problem should arise. To furnish this transaction smoothly I did Sai Parayan 20 days before the transaction.

The land sale was finalized for 41 lacs. On the transaction day, before leaving the house, we prayed to Baba that let everything take place properly & took Sai Satcharitra book with us as if Baba accompanying with us. In the Taluka place, where the documents got signed, the party gave us DDs of 37 lakhs and said they lack 4 lacs. On security basis, they handed over us a cross cheque of 4 lacs assuring they would return the money in 15 days in bank. We were reluctant to sign the papers, but they kept promising that they would not keep 4 lacs pending. My aunty signed the document as owner, took DD from them and we return home with the cross cheque of 4 lacs.

Later 15 days passed, I called the party, they said they are going on tour to Balaji, and asked me to call after 15 days. I called them after 15 days, they said we are back, but the other family members want to visit Balaji, wait 10-12 days more. We waited 10-12 days more, again they kept giving excuses and kept saying they will return the money. All these days I prayed and prayed to Baba to get back our 4 lacs. Nothing was happening, 1-2 times, I lost my patience, and fired Baba that He duped us. I said how can You do this to me when I took You with us for the transaction? I cried 2-3 times, shouting and pointing at Baba’s photo saying “Look Didi (we call our Maasi Didi), your old Baba has done what with us? Why He did this, when I had in advance prayed to Him that we should not be duped? My Maasi, who is a staunch devotee of Baba, was calm and said nothing will happen, have faith on Him. I said in anger this old man is of no use.

Later, I said sorry to Baba and continued praying to Him daily. I also did Gajanan Maharaj (Shegaon) 3 days Parayan, donated food to old age home, widow’s home. I have heard that if we donate, our last janam bad karamas get wiped away. Almost 2 months passed there was no sign of getting money back. My mental status got worse, I felt duped. The party later switched off the cell if I tried to call them. I kept calling the middle man asking him to go and intervene. I also kept asking Baba through Q & A site, but no satisfactory answer received. I went to advocate, he asked me to deposit the cross cheque, which the party had given us, saying if the cheque get bounce, we can charge him on fraud case.
I tried to write to the Talathi, and Talathi Circle (Officer) to bring stay on getting the document transfer on the party’s name. But Baba restrained me from doing so. I kept praying Baba that we get our money before Ganesh festival, so that we can concentrate and enjoy the festival in our house. Ultimately I called the Tehsildar, who happens to be our friend since last 9-10 years. He knew the party very well. The Tehsildar called the party and asked them to return our 4 lacs at the earliest. This phone call proved to be of importance. The party got ready to pay us the amount. We were called to their house on 3rd September to take the money back. I called the party and made sure that we should not be sent empty handed. Again I prayed baba before leaving my house and took Sai Satcharitra with us.

We reached their house at 2.30 pm. They spoke to us nicely, but made us wait almost for 45 minutes. There was no sign of returning our money. We looked at the middle man and asked him to intervene as we have to go back to Mumbai. The party then started saying that we will give the money back, but what about the land? Who will give us the charge? I said the land has been sold to you, all documents have been sign, you go and take the charge of the land. They said “Land caretaker Deepak, who is yielding the land since 30 years, is not ready to give the charge”. I replied who is Deepak? We paid his dues and he is not the owner. Again long discussion on this took place. At last they handed us the cash, but asked us to come back to give the land charge to them. We said yes and left their house with our money.

While returning, we went to Saibaba Temple to thank and bow before Him. Query keeps coming to me – if baba wanted to return this money back, why I was given this tension for 2 months? Why I faced this mental depression and nervousness for 2 months. Why Baba did this? What if the Tehsildar would not have cooperated? Baba made him to act as per my request. I had promised Baba that I will give this experience in Devotees Experiences site and hence this is my experience. I humbly bow to my Baba, holding my ears for my anger, losing my patience. May Baba blesses you all. Jai Sai Ram! Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.


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