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” Sai Devotees can post their Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba Anomalously below here, we keep every Devotee identity confidential. Baba bless you all”.

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  1. I want to be kept anonymous

    My niece Tyrah is an ardent devotee of Sai Baba since the age of one and a half. She loves Him to bits. Just before Holi she was hospitalized for a viral infection in which her fever catapulted out of control. She’s 5 years old now and we were worried sick. On the first day, she responded well to the treatment. However that night she was uncontrollably ill as the medicines had reacted. The doctors immediately took charge. The entire family was distraught and prayed helplessly. I sat up the night fervently praying to Baba and chanting His name. By the grace of Sai Baba she was absolutely fine the next morning and though weak was discharged in a few days.

    Prior to the viral infection, she was diagnosed with tonsillitis and a nasal passage blockage, which triggered the above mentioned viral infection. We took her to several doctors and they all suggested 2 surgeries – one to remove the tonsillitis and the other to rectify the nasal passage. We were very skeptical about the surgery as she’s a child and a surgery is a surgery and here she had to go through two!

    I prayed to Baba imploring Him to show us a way and negate the surgery. The date was fixed and suddenly my sister’s friend, whose daughter had the same issue and is now cured, suggested a very reputed Homeopathy Doctor and we managed to get an appointment the next day which was a Thursday through a Minister as his dates were choco blocked for the next 3 months.

    The Doctor checked her thoroughly and said her nasal passage wasn’t obstructed and it could be fixed along with her tonsils through medication and the surgeries were absolutely not required whatsoever. Tyrah has responded very well to the treatment and by Baba’s blessings she is on the mend with just medication. The miracles of Sai Baba are truly unfathomable.

  2. hi,

    many miracles happened in my life because of saibaba.one day I got homemade chocolates from ooty,der I went to one saibaba tempke.and I wanted to give that to saibaba,next day I took one piece from that box and kept near sai and I thought how sai will eat my chocalte also,before that day I prayed sai that I want to see you baba,please come and talk to me,i went to temple,i saw a person like saibaba ,with resemblance of baba In baba getup,he saw me,my eyes,and I realizxed that is baba,i went and gave him,choclates,he keot inside the bag,he gave me Prasad and a sai pic small and told me,am going shirdi,you will come to see me ah??like that,i am very happy to share this miracles,like that I touched shirdi for the 3 time on October 15,2018.my achievement in life!

  3. Hi all Sai bhandhus, I want to share my experience and Babas miracle. My brother had a problem in his business and was in a very pathetic situation for the past 3 years. All of a sudden I started going to baba temple and on one particular day I took my brother too with me to the temple. Thereupon we both became Sai children…Sai took care of all my brothers problem and slowly he was out of danger. Still my brother believes that Sai will guide him to have a very peaceful life. My brother was saved from a very big danger..only with Sai’s grace that happened. We are all very happy and our faith in Sai is increasing day by day. Sai, please be with us always to guide and protect us. On Sai ram!.

  4. Hello all
    Koti koti pranam baba.your name is enough to overcome all trouble , difficult & calamity.before doing every work I go through “baba question answer site” for my answer.every time I feel Baba’s invisible grace with me .since last 4 month iam suffering from throat choking type thing.. every day when I feel pain I cried in front of baba pic and ask question that am I get any big disease but max time got answer that your “disease will cured soon”.after changing 2 doctor (whom baba changed for me )now iam feeling better.i have told before If I will feel like before again I will post my experience.its little bit late .sorry baba for late.please always be with me as a friend as a brother as my mother.give me some space in your lotus feet. om sai ram om sai ram.blessed all & blessed my family too.

  5. Om Sairam,

    When I was in serious problem in the year 2012, my neighbour told to visit Baba’s temple, I tried to visit my sairam temple, but failed. One day, My Baba gave me Darshan in my dreams and asked me come to him. Saibaba looked in golden colour. I asked how can I come there, all around the fence is there, But Baba said, you can come here, try. Then, I started one step near that fence, the moment, Baba took me in. Yes, I am under Baba’s feet. The next day, Thursday, I asked my husband to visit Baba’s temple, He agreed immediately and we went Saibaba temple of Mylapore. I am very much surprised to see the temple and all things in and around, which I have seen in my dreams. I Got my Sairam Darshan and I am very Happy.

    Now, also whatever problem I am facing, I am leaving everything to Baba, he is taking care of all and he is solving the problems and caring me.

    I Love Sairam. Jai sai ram

  6. Sai Baba Miracle ⭐
    This miracle of Sai Baba has changed me as a person from what I was to what I am now.
    I had a health isuue of Acid reflux which bothered me so much. Because of that my throat was paining and prayed to baba to help me heal it. Baba helped me and after two days I started noticing a clicking sound while swallowing. Got really panic and this time I prayed to Baba to forgive me for all my sins. I promised him that I will do my best to control my anger, arrogance, selfishness and all such bad emotions in life. I said I will keep all that to his feet and will be his daughter forever.
    There at that moment itself I started noticing difference in my throat.The sound started subsiding. Today is the second day and now guess what???
    The sound has completely gone and I am totally relieved from that tension.
    Trust me friends, Sai Baba can hear us and he will definitely help us in times of need. All you need is to have true faith.
    Happy to share my experience with you guys. May Baba bless you all always

  7. Parvati M
    Thank you Sai Baba for Your blessings on me Let me coming to the eperience my close Friend Scolding me so much without reason tgat day i was hurt so much i cried a lot infront of Baba and i tried to convince her lot but she Did,t Reply my call. Then i Did,t talk with her Iam very much depressed daily i thought why she did like this what i did with her so many questions coming inside then i pray Baba daily i Said Baba please Do some Miracle
    Please Convince he i can,t live without her. please Baba After 6 Months One fine day She called ME I was Realy shocked Is,t happened She talk with me very Nicely And invite To Meet me In her Home I was realy shocked Realy Baba You Are So Mercy Thank you Baba For Doing Wonderful Miracle Of My Life Koti Koti Pranam

  8. Trust in baba
    I vow baba to do sai parayanam without knowing what actually is the procedure. I thought sai baba sathcharitra and parayanam was same. But later when i realised they both are different I thought to do it .I feel myself baba wanted me to do so. I always have faith in him. Whatever he says I follow. He is the one who keeps in right path.

    I was married 3 years back which was in 2016. Financially we were not that strong. But some how we were managed to make things happening. No jobs no peaceful life . But I kept on faith in baba. Baba made me so strong even when I was weak and broke out with pain.
    I became pregnant but still my husband was not having a proper job . I was so worried about our future. Some how managed all these years but with the kid life will be something else. Then in my last days of pregnancy I started sai sathcharitra . Never thought baba made such wonderful miracles before. After reading different stories I have more faith in him today. While I was doing sathcharitra he immediately showed his miracle my husband got job. I was so happy then everything. Thanks to baba. Shathakoti vandanalu
    Then later after post pregnancy I started sai nav vrat. I was asking him for my husband’s job stability. He got the job but was on casual basis. As I started doing baba vrat my husband’s job jot permanent. He gave me everything what I want. I trust in him. I trust in him Untill I die.
    Sri guru sadguru.. brahmanda nayaka. Sai nath maha rana. Koti namaskaram

  9. Om Sai Ram
    Thank you Baba for everything you have given to us so far . I’m happily married to a person who is so understanding and taking good care of me Baba all because of you . My family has been searching alliance for me since two and half years ,i left all hopes but my parents had a firm faith on Baba and me and my mother started nav Vara vrath ,and on last day of my vrath miracle happened.
    Thank you Baba

  10. || Om Sai Nathaya Namaha ||

    My life would not be same without Shridi Sai Baba’s blessings. It all began in the year 2005 when i visited Shirdi Sai temple in US. I had visited Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Shirdi India long time ago when i was a kid. But my true experience which are all miracles big and small that made profound difference were in US. He blessed me with a dream job, made our married life happy and also showered us with everything we asked for. I continue to pray my Sai Baba who is my everything with good health, peace of mind and always protect me and my family. I am currently dealing with a health issue and i believe and trust Sai Baba whole heartedly that he will cure me without any surgery with just his udi and blessings. If i have done wrong, please forgive me Baba and always give me good health and peace of mind. That is the most important thing in ones life. Everything will happen if a person has those 2 things.

    Jai Sai Ram.

  11. Gagan Bihari Pattanaik

    OM Sai Nathay Namaha
    Dear Devotees, Only one thing I would like to mention strongly here that we only need to have blind faith in Lord Sai Nath. I am a retired Defence Honorary Officer from Indian Air Force who is sixty years old . I have a number of experiences with our Baba. Whenever I have given a call to him, he has attended to it. I got my promotion, got my daughter married without any complications, got a dream house at Bhubaneswar, got a service in the state Govt after retirement from IAF, miraculously saved by my Baba from a severe road accident at Bhubaneswar and so many experiences. I urge all the devotees to chant only Sai, Sai,Sai Sai…………… Then see the miracles. He will come running to all of us whenever we need him. He is true to all his words. Baba, please keep all happy. Om Sai Ram.

  12. Please forgive me for what I have done and please save me.. Give me some strength to live.

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