Thank You Sai For Being With Us-Anonymous devotee from India

Anonymous devotee from India says: Hi , Hope you are doing well. This is my second experience in this blog. I had earlier written my experience in December last year before moving from overseas to India. Baba has been very kind in settling us in India after 12 years of stay overseas. Every time any friend or relative says it’s very surprising to see my sons, who were born and brought up overseas to see here settled so well. At that very moment in my heart, I most humbly bow to Sai as without His grace it is impossible even to take one step forward. Thank You Sai! My husband is still overseas as Sai had decided this for us. Hoping kind Baba will unite us, when the time is appropriate.
Now, I coming to my recent experience. My husband was forced to move to another department within the company as his department was shifting to another country. After he moved to this new department, the boss there was extremely rude and hence my husband was losing his self confidence and was unable to do the job. 3 weeks passed by and things were getting worse. Last week, one of my husband’s colleagues, who happened to be a Sai devotee, saw my husband, who was looking much tensed at work and called him after work. He was extremely supportive and promised to speak to my husband’s boss and see if he could be shifted to another department again. Today is Monday and my husband’s boss called him in and said they would be shifting him to another department as things were not working here. Thank You Sai!


However my husband is so broken and has lost so much confidence that he feels very discouraged and does not know that whether he can actually even continue in the same company. Baba please be with my husband and bring back his confidence in him and help him. Please Sai. I remember when I was starting from overseas to India, many a times, You said to me “Come what may, leave not your support – Sai”. I strongly believe You are with us helping us every moment. Every time I overcome a problem, I know it is You, who is solving it. We take as You give. Please always be with us.

Akhilaanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaaj Ki Jai!!


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