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The Miracle in My Marriage Life: 

Om Sai Ram
Om Sai Ram

Sai Devotee from India writes: I am a married female and mother of 2 kids. Thank you for providing wonderful plot farm to share the devotee experiences. Today, I would like to post my experience too in this blog. May Sai bless you all? Now let me put out my experience. I came to know about Shirdi Sai through one of my best friends in the year of 2001. She made me to go to Sai temple first time in life. At that time Navratri utsav days were going on and we wanted to go Kalka Mata temple but there was huge rush and long lines so we were unable to enter into the temple and we prayed outside of Temple only. Then she took me to Shirdi Sai Temple at Lodhi Road. There was also lot of rush but we had not let down our sprit to have Darshan of Sai and that was my first interaction with Baba. After that I became strong Sai devotee and Baba helped me in many ways in my life.

Actually, my parents were very worried for my marriage, there were some Dosh in my Kundali and it was making difficulty in matching with alliance Kundali. In year of 2006, I got a chance to visit Baba in Shirdi with my employer’s family. After returning from Shirdi within six months, my marriage got fixed. It’s like a wonder for us and I thought Baba was really with us. All went well and after sometime of marriage, but soon the hurdles started in my life. I came to know lately that my husband actually didn’t do anything for earning. They lied to us about my husband business before my marriage. I was completely down to know about this fact and about him. I was a working lady and I had to manage my expenses myself and in between I got pregnant and gave a birth to a girl child within one year of my marriage. Now I had to look after my baby’s expenses as well. We had lots of quarrels regarding his job issue and expenses only. I prayed Baba a lot and only Baba was with me in my critical situations. Days were passing away and my daughter is now in school. I had faced lots of difficulties/ hurdles being a single parent. One day I made my mind to take strong decision and left my in laws home and shifted to my parents. I strongly wanted leave my husband to take divorce. So I filed a case against him. But my in laws were not in this favor, they came to our home and assured me that he will definitely do something to run our family’s expenses. My in-laws were actually good, they understood my feelings and only on their assurance, I had to compromise in court and returned back to in-laws home.

Shirdi Sai
Shirdi Sai

I had strong belief in our SAI that He will definitely do some miracle for me to pull me out all this mess. I read Sai Satcharitra, performed 9 guruvar vrath,  fast many times. By Baba’s blessing the day have come when my husband felt his responsibilities and I know it has taken some time but I didn’t lose faith on Baba. Perhaps Baba wanted to take an exam of my devotion. My husband realised his mistakes and now he is a working man since last year. Few months ago, another member has joined our family that is our second child. We are a happy family now. Without Baba’s blessings, it could not have been possible. I struggled a lot with this very bad phase of my life till 7 years. So my dear friends, please have patience and believe in Baba. He is with us in all the good and bad times. Bow to Shri Sai feet. “ Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai”. Jai Sai Ram!.. Thank you for ready my experience.


  1. Sai ram
    This is experince of baba blessings ,this is about my marriage i dont know much about baba and one day i went to baba mandhir that was thursday after arthi, i prayed to baba pls settle my marriage baba today is thursday within fifteendays if my marriage was seltted i will belive in u other wise i will not do prayer again i told ,by the next thursday one marriage midiator came with baba calender and my dad kept that one in front room by seeing baba face i asked baba why u came to my house without settling my marriage i i asked and lived it like that day passed after a week nice match came and my marriage was seltted i did not belived it after talking with baba calender with in fifteen day my marriage was seltted thank god ,and one more miracle is my inlaws family also babas devotees ,and my marriage also held on thursday really it is a baba love on his devotees ,in my in laws house there is very big baba photo really baba is great belive in baba definitly baba will help u Thanku baba
    Sai ram


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