This is the greatest experience in my life – Sai Devotee from Chennai

Dear Sai Devotees, I am  From Chennai and would like to narrate my greatest experience I have faced in my life – The Blessing & Miracle

of Shirdi Sai, The Great.

My husband and I were going for a walk one early morning around 5 am a few years
back and it was pitch dark with very few lights on the street. Suddenly one bike
came and two men were on it with face covered and only their eyes could be seen.
They got down from the bike and asked for an address. We said we do not know and
started walking. They followed us and one guy held a sharpened knife on my
throat. He wanted to take my chain. My husband held my hand tight and was about
to run. I was in panic and words were not coming out of my mouth. Then suddenly
my husband started shouting at the top of his voice ‘SAIRAM, SAIRAM, SAIRAM,
SAIRAM’ They just stood stunned for a fraction of a second. Due to the noise
made by my husband, the lights were switched on in one house. The two guys then
started the bike and ran away. I was shaking with fear. The inmates of that
house took us inside and to our greatest surprise we could see Sai Baba in the
front room with the
wordings ‘WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE. I started crying with joy. They gave us
milk and gave Sai’s udhi and then we came back home.
2 7 Feb 2012


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