Trust Sai, He will do the Best for You – Devotee from UK

Sai Devotee from UK says: I request all devotees to surrender to Him without any doubts and you will be surely blessed. Remember the two words “Shradha” and “Saburi”. I am Sai devotee from London, was trying for a baby from 3 tough and long years. I am five months pregnant today with the blessings of Sai Baba. 

Om Sai Ram Sai Baba blessed me with a miracle baby. I am 28 years married lady who live in the UK. I was not prepared to have a baby initially after marriage and also was very busy with my career so could not plan for baby for four years. One fine day I realized the importance and meaning of having a child only to know that I have some fertility problem after trying for 2 years. It takes lot of time in getting appointment to meet a doctor in my country and also the waiting list is so long to get treated. This depressed me a lot and not having a child made me lose interest in my career and also in life. I took a courageous decision of quitting my job and returning to India to get treated. However I spent more than three months and could not stay more due to my visa restrictions. 

I had only one last chance one last month of trying. Trust me I was prepared to leave to abroad accepting the defeat and waiting to book my tickets but my faith in Him never decreased and Surprise, I conceived that month. I realized Sai Baba was testing my faith on Him initially, but did not want to go heartbroken. In the first three months I was very angry with Baba for not blessing me with my baby but that particular month when I conceived I was saying to myself that Baba knows what is the right time for me to have a baby and will definitely bless me at the right time. So don’t get angry with Baba, He knows when to do and He expects you to keep this strong faith on Him. Trust Him and you will be blessed by Him at the right time by Him. Baba I pray for a happy and healthy pregnancy ahead. Bless me! Om Sai Ram!



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