Ultimate Experience and Fruitfulness with Sai baba

“Sai Ram ,

we are the silent reader of your blog, We spend most of our time in reading all your articles and posts. It’s purely devotional and bliss of joy. This helps us to heal all our worries and brings us enlightenment. 


I would like to share my sai leela with you all. The incidents are real and 100% true that happened in our life. Please bare to my long post.

I am from Chennai and currently residing in US. I am married and have a little boy who is going to turn two in a couple of months. I am the only son to my parents. In Chennai we used to pray Shirdi Sai Baba and visit Shirdi Sai temple. To be frank with you, I go to Sai temple because of the peacefulness we get there. The temple is calm and quiet with mind pleasing atmosphere and environment.

A journey with Shirdi Saibaba

At the time of my bachelor’s final year in Chennai, I was hired by an IT company. My parents were very happy and I was getting prepared for my first job. There came a big bump, month passed while I was waiting for the final joining date from the company. Lots of hopes but nothing happened. I heard lot of them saying that the positions were held up due to recession. I was so worried and frustrated. I even applied to other companies but every effort I took ended in vain. At that point I did not know some good is about to happen.

Admission in a U.S University:

One day, I was chatting with my friend and came to know he has applied for his MS in United States and he suggested me to try. I never thought of leaving my parents for studies. But I made up my mind and decided to apply for studies. I thought my parents would not agree to this as I am the only son, but to my surprise they agreed and asked to apply for just one university.

There happened Sai leela. After applying I was waiting for the result but only days passed with no information. I was again worried if this would also turn poor. We went to Sai temple, prayed and returned home. The next morning I was surprised when I received a mail from the courier man. I opened it with tension as it was from the university I applied but did not know if it was accept letter or rejection letter. Wow! Bliss! To my surprise I was accepted and it was the paper work for my travel. No words to say the happiness and tears running down my eyes. At that time I felt it was a blessing from GOD. From that I understood it was Sai’s miracle.

Meeting a soul mate

Finally after all arrangements came to US, pursued my education and waited for job. I had several job failures in US as well. I joined a training consultancy and met my wife for the first time. We liked each other and we were in relationship. Then she got a job in different state and moved there. After a couple of months I got a job and we both got to meet each other once in a month. We got married in India and came back. But, we were staying in different states due to job.

Sai’s gift of Child:

We got a baby boy in 2012 and we decided to stay together. As my wife is also a consultant her project got over and she moved to my place along with our son. I asked her to stay home and take care of the baby and I continued to work. Unfortunately my project was stopped abruptly and had to come out. Now my wife also started to search for jobs. She attended interviews and nothing turned good. All neighbors started to show different attitude towards us. My wife again had one interview and they hired her. She got the job offer and was waiting for her background check process. My wife made a swearing to God but I ridiculed it. That turned out bitter and there were no calls from the employer. Our savings was getting exhausted. Friends and neighbors started to ridicule indirectly that we cannot question them back. My wife is an ardent devotee of Sai baba and she started scolding Baba about the condition.

A good career

My wife then got into some part time job and the income was so less that we cannot even pay for the rent. We reduced almost all expenses and were living with that income for a month. My wife’s work timing was different so I took care of the baby and could not control my tears. I went to puja room and bowed my head in front of God and cried then accepted my ridicules about my wife’s prayer and offering. One day, we got a surprise. We will never forget that in our life time. One afternoon my wife received a call but due to work hours she could not pick up the call.

During break time when she listened to the voice mail message she was surprised to hear the call from the employer who hired her couple of months back asking her availability for background tests. She called me and shared this to know whether it was true or dream. When I check my wife’s email I noticed the employer even sent her all the details of the background tests. We are really happy as of now. This is a miracle in our life. I hope you all would accept that God always helps before we fall.


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