Unbelievable Miracle of Shirdi Sai Baba

Hello sai devotees, here is one of the ardent devotees Unbelievable Miracle of Shirdi Sai Baba. Keep chanting Baba’s name, he will be in your heart forever!.

Om Sai Ram… Hello to everyone!! I would like to share my two best experiences of baba’s miracle in my life. Being baba’s devotee (I am not sure how long it been but it’s more than 15 years). In Nov 2016, I booked a flight from Delhi to Hyderabad. My flight time was 6:55 PM and I was quite busy the entire day and few of my friends and sister came along to see me off. At the entrance, the guard said “you are too late and your flight is about to take off in 20 minutes”. I had check-in luggage with me, which supposed to close 30 minutes prior. I reached the check-in counter, the air hostess said ” sorry check-in bag is closed for that flight”. I got shocked by my stupidity that why I couldn’t reach on time. I prayed to my sai baba ” please do something and help me”. I called my travel agent to ask about other flights or solution. He then said, “ask the air hostess once again”. I went to the check-in counter again and asked her could she help me? She said give me your check-in bag and run away to the gate. I ran so fast and got cleared my security check. I didn’t ask anyone to allow me to go first as my flight was about to take off. I was running like hell withholding my boots in hand. when I reached the gate and someone asked me “are you traveling to Hyderabad??” I said yes. He said, “this flight has got delay for half an hour”. I was happily shocked and thanked my baba that silently he moved things in this way.

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Wonderful Miracle of Sai Baba.
Wonderful Miracle of Sai Baba.

My second experience is very recent. Earlier, I was working in Delhi and something had happened in my company. Everyone was against me. Though, I did nothing. I had decided that I will leave if anyone crosses the limit in the discussion. I prayed to Baba that help me to through this. I believe that truth never needs any justification or clarification. So I left that company. Then, I came back to Hyderabad in May 2019. I started seeking a job as per my profile and got selected in Genpact but my previous organization gave negative feedback, so they waived off the offer letter. Meanwhile, I’ve been interviewed for Thomas cook and got selected, I prayed to Baba and thanked him to gave me that job, which I prayed for. It was 5 days working, day shift, and related to my interest field. I joined the company and started joining formalities. I had the same fear of my previous company that if they would givenegative again. I prayed to Baba that helps me, I was tired of this. I was jobless for several months and got frustrated. I prayed to baba “please help with this one.” the company fired me as the previous company gave negative feedback. I was shattered and cried. I read sai bavani, which always helps me to survive bad days. I was crying like hell and questioning baba that why I am suffering this trauma and those people are playing with my career and I did nothing. It was a very small organization (my previous company) and these people had no heart or what.

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I remembered baba’s vachan “shraddha saburi Mann me rakho sai sai ka naam japo, puri hogi mann ki aas kar lo sai ka nij dhyan”.
I walked by faith baba and believed he will do best for me. I started giving interviews again and got selected. This time I got selected for cognizant, I was so happy that baba made me wait to get this one. Cognizant took too much time to give the DOJ. I came to my hometown to celebrate Diwali with my family. I was doing preparations, and then suddenly I got a call from Thomas cook’s manager he said “would you like to join back our company? everything would be the same.” I remembered that day when they fired me and made me feel uncomfortable like I was a criminal. I thought I lost my respect on that day. But, after received this call, I recalled baba” s Vachan shraddha and Saburi.
In previous organizations, people who thought I was the culprit started realizing that I did nothing and the main culprit is still there in the company. I was so relieved.

Shirdi Sai in Red Dress.
Shirdi Sai in Red Dress.

I would say just have faith in baba and move with patience. He will never return our prayers empty. This time again I am having trouble, in my love life, I had a guy who used to love me like anything and we wanted to marry each other. Suddenly, he refused to marry me and said his family found someone who is perfect for his family. I am so shattered and unable to believe that how could he do this to me who he said “missing you” 2-3days back. It’s like my belief and trust have shaken like I lost everything. I am experiencing death pain. I believed baba sent him for me and this guy will be my life partner.

If you trust Sai, Shirdi Sai will show an Unbelievable Miracle. Sorry for sharing the long post, but I wanted to share my experience in detail. I believe in my baba he will make everything perfect and great for me. He will definitely bless me happy married life with my “M”. please pray for me.

That’s all folks about Wonderful and Unbelievable Miracle of Shirdi Sai Baba. Shirdi Sai Nath maharaj ki Jai!.


  1. Thank you god for everything. The life given to us is the most precious gift. Family and friends are the second most precious gift. Just need them to be happy.

  2. We are SaiRam’s children he is our protector as he says in the frog and snake story he is our heavenly Father now I am in a confused state of mind I don’t know how to care my mother who is above 90 but I have confidence your story is adding worth to it. Thank you Om Sai Ram

  3. om sairam baba please and kindley bless my husbend with good health and long life and diesece free please protect my children om sairam


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