Visa Miracles and Marriage Blessings of Sai Baba

Visa Miracles and Marriage Blessings of Sai Baba:

Sai Devotee Experiences #1 – Visa Miracles.

Sai Devotee from India writes: I am from Hyderabad, and working for a multinational company (MNC).

I would like to narrate my wonderful experience here with SAI  blessings. I have been trying to either study or work in the US but my ideas never obtained materialized due to recession time in 2008. I am into a field with minimal scope for onsite opportunities. From Baba’s grace, I have been able to make a good income but always used to get frustrated with the lack of onsite opportunities. Amidst this situation, I got a question for my work (H1) visa application and the very next month, my Business (B1) Visa application was reversed. I was completely dejected but never lost the hope of trying and making it to abroad. I tried options like Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and the UK but it was like all doors closed. Finally, last year when I decided to apply for Australian PR, I luckily got to understand more about the Canadian permanent residency  PR) opportunity. I went ahead and began processing via a really reliable consultant from Delhi.

There are totally 4 stages to monitor the application standing but “Decision Made” is the final stage after which within several days Visa will probably be in control of the applicant. The third phase is to look for medical tests as well as the reports could directly be transmitted to the Canadian embassy. After this stage, we can observe the “Decision Made” standing anytime. I used to confirm the status quite frequently out of anxiety spending some sleepless nights. One fine Thursday, I started reading Sai Satcharitra and completed from the following Wednesday and I remember the date to be Feb 5th or 6th. Following that, I kept checking but my application status was exactly the same. The very next hour when I checked as usual with literally no expectation, my status was changed to “Decision Made”. I thanked Sai Baba and tears rolled down my eyes. I conveyed the exact same to my consultant and she replied saying that anytime soon within 6 to 7 days, I may get my Visa.

Sai is great.
Sai is great.

The weekend passed and I had been on my way to the office as usual and suddenly my mom called saying that I got the Visa. That was an incredible moment because I was not expecting my Visa anytime soon for the next 5-6 days. Moreover, it was an auspicious day of Ekadasi when I received the Visa. The amazing thing was when I returned home from the office to check my own Visa, it was attached with a “Confirmation of Permanent Residency” letter which has the Visa issue date. The date was 5th Feb, the day I finished reading the Sai Satcharitra. My bliss had no limits and I requested Baba in my mind to bless me again by letting me do this to Shirdi for His blessings. As planned, I visited Shirdi and by Aarti Darshan time, the Mandir was too congested with innumerable devotees. I kept my mind and focus on Baba and by the time I reached the Samadhi and shrine, the priest took over my passport which I handed over, put it in Baba’s Lotus Feet and returned it to me with a blossom. I still feel out of this world whenever I recollect this experience out of many that I had. Kindly forgive me for such a long post and can Baba’s blessings and His lovely eyes be watching over all of us. Thank you SAI for your good heart and keep saving us. We love you, Baba.

Sai Devotee Experiences #2 – How Sai Sorted Out My Marriage Life Issues:

Sai Devotee from India writes about her experience and miracle: I am one of the many devotees who are thankful for all that Baba has done for me. This is my first article here. My family was not a great believer in Sai Baba but recognized that the fact that we do not know a lot about Him and did not have an opinion about Him. However, in due course of time, Baba pulled me to Himself, stood by me, saved me and revealed a fresh meaning to my life. If I am in a position to be alive and writing this down, it’s only because of Baba. The first time I went to Baba’s temple was to accompany a friend (a school time crush). He was a regular visitor and devotee. Though I did not believe in Baba, simply to test Him, I prayed for something silly and Baba made it happen before I could step from the temple premises. However, I did not take it as a big sign and brushed it off as something really silly.

Time passed and I was married to a guy whom my parents picked and I happily agreed to. I was exposed to severe abuse of all kinds. My life had turned into a nightmare, my self-esteem was rock bottom and I had given up on life to modify in any way. Somehow, I never thought of suicide at any given point in time. Even though I lost belief in all religious practices, I just visited temples as they were the only “outings” I had at that point in time. I was in the US afterward and Baba’s temple was the nearest to my house. As soon as I looked at Baba’s photo there, I somehow sensed a profound link – like Baba was looking deep into my eyes. I just knew that whatever it is, He is the one who’d stand by me. I started doing the Nav Guruvar Vrat (9 Thursday Vrat). In the conclusion of it, we moved back to India. Things turned from worse to horrible and I knew I decided to really go to get a divorce. The entire world was against me just because I couldn’t show some facts that just a husband and wife could know and I had been judged and condemned by men and women that were the closest to me. Baba stood by me and kept showing me how exactly to proceed forward. He was the only one in a few moments when I felt that the anger of everyone else.

Sai Blessings.
Sai Blessings.

Time is the biggest healer and slowly people close to me understood my decision. I wasn’t even interested. I was educated, independent and totally battered after all the abuse. I had become distrustful of everyone. The only person I believed was Baba. My parents started performing all sorts of Pooja and pariharas to “fix” my life. I met several guys to satisfy my mom and was starting to freak out if the world was devoid of good human beings! My father is an excellent devotee of Kanchi Mahaperiyava. He began forcing me to worship him. I believed only Baba. I never publicly told anything to my father but within my mind, I decided I will think of only Baba and that when a miracle occurred. It was more like a vision – The black and white picture of Baba standing with other devotees of His flashed before me. Just that I was shocked that the face was not actually Baba’s it had been that of Kanchi Mahaperiyava as if they both were one and the same. I met a man or woman whom my mother suggested. I felt like trusting Him but had been waiting for a sign from Baba.

During this period I had been regularly performing Shej Aarti in the home, reading Sai Satcharitra, performing Nav Guruvar Vrat and visiting Raghavendra and Sai Baba temples each Thursday. I had a dream one night during one of the months when I was only casually talking to him. The fantasy was Sai Baba performing Pooja in Manthralaya. He walks up to me, gives me an idol and tells me everything will fall into place there is nothing to worry. The idol was that of Kanchi Mahaperiyava. This made me realize that all professionals are exactly the exact same and will stand by their devotees. This felt like the signal and I decided to get married to this individual and our marriage date was on a full moon day, a Thursday, Kanchi Mahaperiyava’s Jayanthi, my hubby’s ace’s birthday. Was this just coincidence?? Too much to be a coincidence. I completely believe that it was Baba’s grace and the new direction that He was providing for my life. For a person like me that couldn’t believe anyone Baba guided me to a man who is of high thinking, a truly great human being and takes care of me. Thank You, Baba, for everything. I hope You always keep me close to You and stay with me. Sai may bless the whole world with peace.

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