We got a good car on resale by Baba’s grace – Anonymous Devotee

We wanted to get a car and were thinking of booking a new car. I usually pick up chits in front of BABA for important decisions. Since a new car involves a lot of money, I thought of seeking BABA’s permission before booking it. However, BABA had different plans and He did not permit us to book a new car and the answer in the chit I picked up was ’NO’. Since, my husband is not so much inclined towards BABA, I did not share this with Him and prayed BABA to stop us from booking a new car by doing some LEELA. It so happened that, we got some unexpected guests on the day we were supposed to go for car booking. And so, it was postponed to another week. In the meantime we dropped the idea of the particular car we had chosen and started looking for another car model. I was still confused and worried about buying a new car since BABA had told ‘NO’. So I told my husband the chit results, and we postponed the idea ofbuying a new car for some time. However, later after a few months we were very inclined to get a new car and somehow went ahead and booked the new car along with some token money.

Now comes the best part of BABA’s Leela. The car delivery day was coming closer and we were supposed to deposit the remaining amount. Around the same time, we both were ill and my husband was also not confident about driving a new car since he was just new to driving and was still learning. So, we were apprehensive about taking the new car now. That is when we felt that BABA was trying to stop us from taking a new car. BABA wanted to save us from a big expense. We felt that He wanted us to save money and buy a flat, since we do not have our own home yet and most of our friends already have their own house. After realizing all this, we cancelled the new car booking and picked up chits in front of BABA asking Him if we could buy an old car or drop the car idea entirely. Our kind BABA permitted us for an old car. How BABA got us a nice old car is also a beautiful Leela. We are facing some difficulty in getting back our carbooking amount, since we went against BABA’s wishes. But I am sure, it is a good learning for us and everyone, that we should follow BABA’s wishes and with BABA’s grace we shall get back our deposit amount soon.

One of my colleagues was selling his car and it was a nice one. We liked it, but I wanted BABA’s permission to buy it. But BABA answered as ‘NO’. I was sad and did not know what to tell to my husband, since he is not a strong Devotee of BABA. So, instead of telling him the real reason that BABA said ‘NO’ for the car; I was trying to find small faults with the car to refrain him from taking it. But somehow, my husband guessed that I had picked up chits and BABA has asked us not to take the car. He was not at all annoyed, but agreed to BABA’s guidance. We continued searching for more old cars and finally came across a good one and BABA also permitted us to take it.

We saw the car on the first day of the Auspicious period of ‘Navratri’ and the car came home on ‘Dussehra’ which is also BABA’s ‘MAHASAMADHI Day’. I was so happy with the way BABA got us the car on an auspicious day. We did not face any issues at all with any paper work etc and the car is a really good one. It is definitely so because BABA permitted us to take the right car. Now, the best part is that, the car which BABA denied us to take was still available for a long time and we saw another advertisement from the owner also. This reaffirmed my Husband’s FAITH on BABA’s decision that the previous car was not so good, since it was still not being sold after so many days of our seeing it. Maybe, we being new to cars were not able to see some hidden issue or future issue, which BABA could foresee and stopped us from buying it. My Husband now trusts a lot on BABA and asks me to pick up chits for important decisions. I am so grateful to BABA for this, for making my husband believe Him. I am praying to BABA to make my husband His strong Devotee soon. Love You BABA. We surrender at Your Lotus feet.

BABA has permitted us to go for a resale flat and I am sure he will find us a good flat soon. He is also arranging money for our house booking and He got me an unexpected cash award from office. It is a big amount and I was not at all expecting it. I hope and pray to BABA to get us a good affordable flat without any house loan. Love You DEVA. I also want to start a family and I hope with BABA’s grace I will be pregnant by the time this experience is published. I seek Your wishes and prayers Dear SAI Family.

May Your blessings reach all of us always Baba. Let there be peace and happiness in every home across the whole wide world. May all the people be happy under Your shelter. Please bless us all with good health, peace, prosperity, wealth, joyous relationships and happiness. We love You a lot Baba and many many thanks to You for everything. We surrender at Your Lotus feet. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.


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