When Shirdi Sai Left Us – Last Day of Baba

When Shirdi Sai Left Us:

When Shirdi Sai Left Us  – Sai Baba Maha Samadhi:

Sai baba during his last days used make his devotee’s to read religious holy books and he used teach the inner meaning for those messages.  This is done morning and evening after Pooja and aarthi. Actually this was tradition to read the religious books before a person who is ready to leave his body.

Sai Baba Samadhi Temple.
Sai Baba Samadhi Temple.

On 8 October 1918, Sai Baba was very weak. He used lean towards a wall of Dawarakamai( Mosque). All the puja and aarthi were done there as usual. Nobody is allowed to go near him, Shama and Nana Chandorkar used to take care of Baba. That day Dawarakamai was busy with all devotees and baba was blessing his devotes and distributing Udi, there came a group of people with a tiger in the cart. They brought the tiger to the Dawarakamai, the tiger was very weak and it is suffering from some serious diseases. One seeing baba, tiger eyes were filled with love and worship.  Baba looked into the tiger’s eyes deeply, tiger started shedding tears. And seeing baba fall down on the floor and took his last breath.  In that way, baba helped the tiger soul to rest in peace.

When Shirdi Sai Left Us – How baba looked in Last Days:

Sai Baba was becoming weak day by day. He just sat and gave directions to the devotees. He was so weak and unable to do anything by himself. But he never stopped taking biksha(Alms) from houses.

He is used to eating some food and used to feed the remaining food to animals and birds. Baba’s body became very lean and the shiny eyes of baba were sunken. But there is no change in his determined look for his devotees. He used to give advice and Udi to devote who came to him for help. Devotes were very much worried for him, they used to stay in Dawarakamai continuously to take care of baba.

On the night of Oct 14, the baba was taking rest in Dawarakamai and only a few devotees were with baba and remaining left to their home. Suddenly baba came out Dawarakamai and started shouting and making high noise with Sataka. Everyone in Shiridi wakes up for that sound. Then baba explained to everyone that he was running after thieves who came to his devotee Kharparde house in Amaravathi. This proves that baba was thinking of his devotes even in his last hours.

When Shirdi Sai Left Us – Last Day When Baba left us:

It was 15th October 1918 it was Tuesday. Last day Sai Baba left his body physically. Those were Navaratri days and that day was Vijayadashmi(Dushera). Baba was seriously ill; Baba got up as usual and sat in his place. Devote came for his darshan, as usual, Baba gave blessing by keeping his abaya hasta on their heads and gave Udi Prasad. He gave necessary advice to their devotees, but all of them thought that is usual advice that baba gives them daily. They didn’t guess that it was the last day of baba. And baba asked Laxman Mama to do BhagavanNamasamrana.

When Shirdi Sai Left Us – At afternoon on that day:

Around 11 AM, Everyone where busy with Madhyan Aarthi preparations. Suddenly it was seen like some divine light entered Baba. Aarthi was started, throughout the aarthi Baba’s face was changing continuously in every moment. Many devotees saw different gods in baba like(Maruthi, Vittal, Dattatreya, Rama), Muslim devotees saw Mecca and Mediana and Christian devotees saw Jesus in that aarthi. Butty saw Lord Shri Krishna in Sate Wada built by him. In that aarthi, Baba showed his divine form to his devotees as per their belief.

After aarthi, Prasad and Udi were distributed. It was around 1 PM, Baba ordered everyone to leave Dwarakamai quickly. As it was baba order everyone left to their houses. All of a sudden baba has a severe cough and had blood vomiting. At the same Tattya who is the favorite devotee suffering from severe disease suddenly recovered and his pulse got normal. He stood up surprised to see about his health condition. And he remembered baba, thought that it was his blessing went running to Dwarakamai.

At the same time, baba leaned on Baija Appaji Patil and talk to him secretly. He warned him not to say anyone, otherwise, he would die. Tattya heard Baba’s last words, Baba severe cough didn’t stop. He is vomiting blood every time he is getting cough and blood was spilled all over Dwarakamai. Even then also baba asked his devotes to go for their lunch. But Lakshmi Bai Shinde, Bayyaji, and some others didn’t leave Baba. Lakshmi Bai Shinde was near Baba’s feet and Baba was lying on Bayyaji lap. Baba put his right hand in his shirt pocket twice, took Rs 5 and Rs 4, and gave Dakshina( Charity) to Laksmi Bhai.

When Shirdi Sai Left Us – Baba Gave 9 Rupees As Dakshina:

Baba gave 9 rupees to Lakshmi Bhai and explained the importance of 9. 9 rupees stands for 9 qualities in devotees should have (1) You should kill your ego (2) Never be Jealous (3) Service the need(4) never run after desires(5)believe the god(6)Keep your heart clean(7)Speak the truth (8)Be happy with what you have(9)Don’t find judge others and don’t be proud. A devotee with these nine qualities has a true devotion to god. That what baba explained to Lakshmi Bhai in his last moments.

When Shirdi Sai Left Us – Last breath of Baba:

When Shirdi Sai Left Us.
When Shirdi Sai Left Us.

Exactly when Dashami ended and Ekadashi came, it was 2:30 PM in the afternoon. Baba called Bayaji and told them that he was leaving his body and his body should be buried in Butty Wada. He told that he will listen to prayers, protect and bless from Butty Wada( Present Baba temple). Till last breath, Baba gave his preaching to his children. A divine light came from Baba’s body merged with Gurudhan, Dwarakamai, and Venkusa, who are already in form of Jyothis (divine light). All those four lights joined into one SAI Divya Jyothi. And again Jyothi divided it into four parts. One went to Gurustan, second to Chawadi, third into Dwarakamai, and fourth went into Butty Wada.  These are proof of Sai’s power which is the savior of the world. Even Baba showered his blessing from Maha Samadhi.

Sai Samadhi After He Left Us.
Sai Samadhi After He Left Us.

This is a brief story that happened on October 15, 1918. Our beloved god BABA left us with his holy sayings. But BABA was not there physically only, if you truly believe in BABA, HE will be with us every moment.

Believe in BABA… You Can Sense him every step you take.

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  1. Om Sai Ram Baba always remain present with his children. We must remember his three Vachan Shardha Saburi and Sabka malik ek. He helps every moments.
    Om Sai Ram


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