Will that man be punished? – Devotee from India

Anonymous devotee from India Says:Dear Sai Devotees, I am highly depressed ….I was cheated …a man who lie at me by doing promise on sai baba every day each and every minute..he will do wrong promise…. on sai baba and make me to believe him…whatever wrong he done he make me to believe him by doing wrong or false promises on sai baba . he cheat on me…but same time he is having affair with another girl..but he made wrong promise on sai baba..after many things happened he finally…made wrong statement on me and escape from the situation and made everybody to believe as he is good…but myself only know how cheat and worst character he is…but now he is pretends like good man in front of all. he will always do wrong promise on my dada sai baba’s leg…but now he cheats on me..and he is happy with another girl..but every one think myself as a wrong….I don’t know how to prove?….will baba punish him?……..baba knows all the things that happen so will baba punish him or not..will his original character be exploited to all? dat man has wear maalai to palani murugan…now….will he punish ?…………every day i am asking and crying at baba ……..will he be punished? Please Pray for me..Baba help me out to come out of this situation

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