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Anonymous devotee from India says: I am a 34 year old married woman from Bangalore, India. I and my Husband wish to share this experience with every Devotee.

I was not a Sai devotee from beginning. I would go to his temple very rarely to pay my respect to him but I never was called to him the way I am now. sai babaji 326

How this happened and what happened later is the miracle that I am going to share. I am married to this wonderful person for 8 years now. At first like any couple who are trying to settle down, we had decided not have children for 2 years. And when we decided to expand our family like many people we found ourselves unable to bear a child. At first I was shocked. I used to think why me? I always loved children and I felt that many kids enjoy playing with me. My husband was even better than me with kids.

We consulted a very good doctor and underwent all the tests that she suggested. All the tests were normal. We decided we will try without medical intervention. We were still not able to conceive. Consulted few more doctors and still the same result. I was not ready for much of medical intervention. I was fine with monitoring. I felt that it should not be this hard to conceive a baby. Many tests and few procedures did very little to boost my confidence. At the end of it all we both were stressed and not to mention we had crossed 31 years.

During all this time, we were continuously praying, visiting temples and seeking mannat everytime. Everything good was happening to us except the child. We were thinking that something must be missing. We showed our horoscope to couple of renowned pandits. They said we have some dosha and we have to perform a certain pooja in a temple. We did that, still no results. We were in our 7th year of marriage and 5th year running to have a child. My husband suggested showing our horoscope to someone very close to both of us and whom we respect a lot. He took time to go through our horoscope and called my husband after 2 days. He told him that most aspects looked good in our jatakas. However, where child was concerned, we might not have one. He also spotted the same dosha like the previous pandits and asked whether we have performed any pooja. My husband told him that we had performed it already. He said it is ok if it was already performed. During this time his daughter-in-law came in and she heard part of it. She already knew why we were consulting him. She knew me as well. So she waited till my husband reached home, took his number from her husband and called him up. By then my husband had told me what had happened and we had never felt this depressed in our entire life. We had just then finished pledging that we will never show our horoscope again, whatever our destiny is we will face it. I had finished crying when she called. She is a great devotee of Sai. Her name is Geet. She apologised for talking about our private matter first of all but she said she had to call. We spoke about the whole thing and she said to me that she felt very strongly that she had to tell us about Sai and that is why she called. She told that she is just a messenger and maybe HE wants us to let him in our hearts and home and that is why HE has made her call us. Now, when I think back I know she was right.

I don’t know at that moment I just felt that I should let him in to my mind and heart and our lives. My husband also felt the same. That was our calling. We read Sai Satcharita gifted by her. I could feel that my heart was getting lighter and I was filled with hope. One day while eating breakfast, I felt that we should go to Shirdi. I checked the railway website. No seats were available for the next 5 months. I thought that till he calls we cannot go but still I was not able to take the fact that we cannot go to Shirdi. I told my husband about it. He also said the same that till Sai calls us we cannot go. After 2 days he met a person in his workplace whose uncle was a ticket agent. My husband said the topic came up out of the blue, that he did not even notice that they were talking about travelling in train and his uncle being an agent and my husband can let him know in case he needs any help in travelling anywhere by train. My husband spoke about our wish to go to Shirdi. That boy spoke to his uncle and everything was arranged just like that. He called me to tell the news and I think I was crying with joy because clearly it was an indication that He wished us to come to Shirdi.

We checked with Geet and her husband whether they wished to join. They said yes and we got thetickets arranged. The day we were to go to Shirdi, traffic was heavy. Throughout I kept seeing Sai’s pictures on vehicles as if he was saying not to panic, everything will be fine and we will catch the train. I was 20 mins late. But the train was still there. In different part of bangalore Geet and her husband were stuck in a similar traffic situation. But they also caught up with us in a different station. Till then all the four of us were so tensed. We thanked Sai and so began our journey to Shirdi.

Our Shirdi experience was magical. It was like as if he was personally seeing to it that at every moment we were connecting with him. The moment I stepped inside the shrine for aarti, I just remember crying. I am not much for crying in public, but that was first feeling that I felt. By the time aarthi was over I felt light and hopeful. I was thinking as to how many people would get a chance to see him, we had got it and he would not call us just like that. Our belief in him got stronger. We came home. We tried for couple of more months. Then a thought just crossed my mind that I should use Udi. I was taking udi with water but I also started taking little bit of udi in water and smearing it on my stomach and womb area praying that I should concieve and my baby should be safe. The first month I tried it I did not get my period for nearly 2 months. I thought that we have concieved. But it was not to be. But I still felt strongly about it andcontinued it in the next cycle. Again it was over 30 days and this time too my periods did not come in. I prayed to Sai that I am using udi with great belief and I do not want to be disappointed. I guess HE must have laughed at it. This time the test was positive. Needless to say how happy we were. We were so used to seeing negative results, it was so unbelievable that the test was positive. We thanked him and we prayed for Geet and her family for being Sai’s messenger. I strongly you do not choose Sai, he chooses you. Right now my baby boy is 5 months old and every time I see him, I realize how lucky we are to have Sai by our side. All I can say is “Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai”. Thank you Sai for blessing us.


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