Wonderful Miracle from Shirdi Sai Baba – Devotee from Singapore

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Om Sai Ram. This miracle had happened with one of my friend’s boss. I would like to post this miracle because when I heard this miracle I felt like Baba is trying to convey message to me. I lost my job due to internal politics 5 months ago. I have been looking for a job very seriously. Finally I was able to crack an interview and they were ready to offer the offer letter.

They were supposed to release the offer letter that next day itself (3 weeks ago), but until today I haven’t gotten my offer letter and I am very frustrated whenever I ask them about the update. They used to give some excuses. I was very disappointed because of dependency and I have to hire a made to take care of my 2 years old kid.

Yesterday I was very upset and I told Baba that “You give me an answer whether they are going to release the offer letter or not today itself and I will not eat until I get the answer from You”. Baba please apologies me for my childish behavior. I was very upset and in the afternoon one of my friend message me like “Have you eaten”. I said “No”. Then he started telling me about a miracle. I didn’t tell him about my stubborn thing.

The miracle is: My friend is in Mumbai and his ex boss (Atul) lost his job due to internal politics in 2011. Lot of people mocked at him, but he simply ignored everyone. He has a daughter, who is studying MBBS and he had to repay huge amount of loans. Running a house, paying college fee and paying EMI is very difficult without a job. He strongly believe in astrology.. As per that he will suffer more until Jan 2013. He was unemployed almost for 1.3 years. Whenever my friend meet him, he used to say with smile that “It’s a bad period I have to overcome” .

One day my friend was reading Sai Satcharitra and he couldn’t concentrate on it and so much of disturbance (mentally). Then he closed his eyes and praying Baba. Baba appeared when he closed his eyes and told him that “Tell Atul to go to Shirdi. I am waiting for him”. My friend felt very happy, but eventually he forgot to pass the message to Atul. After few months, one day my friend watching TV and his brother suddenly changed the channel and surprisingly it’s Baba movie and at that time Baba is reminding one of his devotee. Then immediately my friend realized Baba’s message and he immediately made a call to Atul. At that time Atul was in Nasik with his friends and he was thinking whether to go to Shirdi or not (as Atul was not a follower of Baba). When Atul got Baba’s message, he felt very happy and immediately he went to Shirdi for Baba Darshan.

After few months, he got a job in a company, but his position was not same as his previous one, but within 6 months he was one of the director of that company. It is exactly related to my story and I felt very happy and that next moment I went to Pooja room for apology and ate some food after that. While writing this miracle, I got a call from that company and offering the letter, but only for 6 months (contract). I am happy to take whatever Baba gives to me.

I Leant many things from Atul story:

  • 1) Baba is very caring about me since I didn’t take the food and was very stubborn. Hence he conveyed His message from my friend and Atul’s story saying that “I am here and listening you”.
  • 2) He knows everything. He is our father. So we do not need to demand. He will give whatever is best for us.

I am really very sorry Baba. I did hurt You yesterday. I will not repeat again. Sorry It’s really a very big post, but I am sure lot of Baba devotees will be happy after reading this miracle. Jai Sai Ram.


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