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Wonderful Miracle of Sai Vrat -Sai Devotee from India

Here is one of the wonderful miracles of Sai Vrat from the devotee. Sai Devotee from India says: Hi I am from the southern part of India. I am a devotee of Sai Baba for the last 7 months and from that time I am experiencing Sai Baba’s miracle in my life. I have a lot of experiences in my life. In all places, I see Sai Baba. For some, it may not be so big, but what I say is all big for me. Now I am sharing 3 experiences that happened recently with me.

Wonderful Miracle of Sai Vrat Experience 1: I finished college and did higher studies for the job but I did not get any job. Then my friend suggested I to pray Sai Baba, which was the 1st time I was hearing about Him. I planned to do Sai Vrat and started doing it. During that Vrat for 3 weeks temple was full of rush, so I did not wait for Prasad and came home. Near my home, an aunty told me that people who go to Sai Temple should take Prasad from Temple. So I felt bad and I was praying to Sai and asked sorry to Baba. Suddenly 1 lady came home and gave me the food prepared in Sai Temple (Prasad). I know It is Baba Who came to me. Finally, during the 8th week of Vrat, I got a call from a company and I got selected and in the last week of Vrat, I got a job and went to the office after 1 year.

Sai Vrat Miracles.
Sai Vrat Miracles.

Wonderful Miracle of Sai Vrat Experience 2: I am in love with a guy named Ram and I believe that he is the gift of Sai given to me with His name. Now my parents are searching a guy for me. We decided to tell to my family but we were having a problem with his home. So we decided not to marry for 1 more year. But my parents saw a guy for me and the horoscope matched for us. I was fully worried and was praying to Sai. I asked Baba what to do on the Sai question and answer page. It came as don’t worry you will see a miracle within 2 days. I waited for 2 days. A big miracle happened. Where the same guy who told the horoscope matched called back to my father after 2 days and said the horoscope does not match and stop the further process. This is because of Sai.

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Baba Vrat Miracles.
Baba Vrat Miracles.

Wonderful Miracle of Sai Vrat Experience 3: Once I was not feeling well, so I saw in question and answer website to Sai what to do. It came as the offer of 15 rupees to a beggar. I am living near an IT park and all are well settled where we can’t see any beggars. I was fully confused and asking Sai what to do? When I came to the bus stop a beggar came near to me and asked for money that seems to be having a cloth in his head as Sai. I gave them money and he went. The miracle is I have never seen him for the past 1 year there and till now I am searching for him but he is not there. Only on that day, I saw him. That is Sai Baba, for His devotee happiness He will come in whatever form. Sai Baba is great. Shri Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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