Yes, Miracles Happen – Sai Devotee From USA

Sai Devotee from US says: Hi, I am one of the Sai devotees and I do feel Baba’s presence in every thing I do. I am not sure when I became but sai devotee but I do rememeber one of my sisters used to go Sai Baba temple regularly. My father took us many times to for Baba darshan in Shirdi. I always feel that I am so fortunate and blessed!. In my life, what ever I desire or wish for, baba blessing were always with me and my family. There were many hurdles in my marriage but I could able to pass those with the help of our beloved Sai. I felt that, baba selected me a good match.Even though, my mind is always with miracles.However, with the busy life,I for got to read sai satcharitra. Lately, I did not have job and feeling so depressed. I realized that I should read sai life history (sathcharitra) again. Earlier times, I used to finish the satcharitra parayanam in a week from holy Thursday to Wednesday. This time, I decided to go whenever I feel to read rather fixing the specific time. Which made me to understand and concentrate on details of the chapters.

Sai Words
Sai Words

As I was in deep trouble due to job, I asked for a job pryaed baba, I got few interview calls, in every interview, I was almost there but something stopping to succeed through to get a job. Finally as a last hope,I cried a lot in front of Baba photo, hoping that HE is the only one who can make things to happen. After couple of days, I got another interview call and I really like the job profile.They said that they were interviewing about 50 potential candidates. I was so disappointed, but wanted try it by leaving every thing on Baba. Taking Sai’s name & rememebringhim for every moment, I did attend three rounds of interview & after a lot of suspense, they selected me with a better package than I wished for. I also mentioned about month joining time, surprisingly they even agreed for that. My happiness has no boundaries and Baba so many times. I would like to share one more miracle that happened when I went to India after I got a job (in 1 month). My father was very sick and having severe pain in his legs & he could not able to walk for 5 minutes, though he was in good health condition. I started praying Sai Baba and asked Him to take care of my fathers health. I promised to read sathcharitra gain for my father’s health. I had completed the parayanam after coming back to USA. To my shocking surprise, my father got better within couple of days from the day I completed satcharitra.This is what Sai miracle. Yes miracles happen, we should never leave Sai hand, he will Pull you from death. He never leave us alone as long as we rememembe and pray him with Shradha and Saburi. Om Sai Ram!!, “Samardha Sadguru Sai Nath Maha Raj ki Jai”. Bow to shri sai peace be to all.



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