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The Nine Coins that Sai Baba Had Given to Lakshmi Bhai representing Nava...

This is the photograph of Nine Coins that Shirdi Saibaba gave to Lakshmi Bhai just before leaving his body. This is preserved now by...

Sai Baba ‘Udi’ miracles

Sai Baba Udi is not the ordinary ash. It is the ash from the dhuni which Baba had lit by his yogic power. Hence...

Flow of Ganga -Yamuna (river) from Baba’s feet

These were instances of things they had seen with their own eyes. It was not secondhand information they had gathered. Sai Baba was to...

Raising the water level in well and Saving a child from drowning

When Sai Baba first came to Shirdi it had of no basic facilities. There was a well put only in name. It had no...

Premonition of burning fields and Stopping the rain

Once, harvesting in Shirdi had been completed and the foodgrains of the entire village had been stored in a yard. The summer was on....

Lighting lamps with water

Long before Sai Baba's fame spread, he was fond of burning lights in his Masjid and other Temples. But for the oil needed in...

Sai Baba Miracles

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