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Om Sairam,

Let describe here how Shirdi Sai Baba saved my life!.

I am a businessman running a software company for more than 15 years in Singapore. My nature of work is to sit in front of the computer most of the time. Just a few years ago, I started to get some niggling pain in my back. It started to worsen as the months went by. When I consulted some local doctors in Singapore, I was told that the pain could be due to sitting posture and advised me to do some physiotherapy and rectify the posture. I continued the therapy session for a couple of months, but the pain did not subside, and it became unbearable as time passed by. As the condition was getting worse, I consulted a Doctor in India and he advised me to go for an MRI scan to get a clear understanding of the condition. The results that came out of the scan was very terrifying. There were lots of tissue growth in and around the Spine and the Radiologist mentioned in the report that it could be a cancerous tumor. It was the biggest shock of my life as I never expected such news. My health was almost normal except the back pain and I was able to do my day to day activities without any issues. The doctor that I consulted in India, wanted me to go for immediate surgery to remove the tumor as he believed that the condition was quite severe and the tumor could have spread to many places. As I am living in Singapore for more than 20 years, I told the doctor that I would consult some more specialists in Singapore before deciding the next course of action.

I could not make any decisions at that time as I was in a very confused state of mind. As I was inquiring about the specialists in Singapore, I got a contact of a spine specialist in Singapore through a Saibaba’s WhatsApp group. I was not a stern follower of Saibaba. I was told by my well-wishers to believe in baba and he will take care of everything if we surrender to him completely. As advised, I started to believe in Baba and Baba started to guide me from that time.

I left for Singapore within a few days and met a leading Spine specialist for further opinion. After seeing the MRI and CT scan reports he also concluded that it could be a tumor and advised me to go for further tests to ascertain the severity of the condition. All the tests were done as advised by the specialist and the results were inconclusive. Therefore, he advised me to go for a biopsy to get conclusive evidence for further treatment. In the meantime, he also advised me to get ready for a surgery which he mentioned could take 14-15 hours as the case was so complicated with a panel of doctors to perform the surgery.

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Shirdi Sai Miracle.
Shirdi Sai Miracle.

A day was decided for the biopsy. The Radiologist who was about to perform the biopsy mentioned that he was very sorry about my condition as the chances of survival were quite slim. He decided to do the biopsy in my neck instead of the spine as he found some similar tissue growth in the neck region and he felt that doing a biopsy in the neck is less complicated than the spine biopsy. I left everything to Baba and believed that he would take care of the situation. A few days later, the Spine specialist called me and told me that it is a big surprise that the biopsy result that came out was more of an infection rather than a tumor. He could not believe the results. As all tests conducted were pointing towards a tumor, he was a bit perplexed to see something different in the biopsy. Therefore, he advised me to got for another biopsy directly in the spine to get a firm conclusion. Subsequently, the spine biopsy was also done, and the results were similar to the first biopsy. The doctor was not able to conclude anything as the tests were giving varying results. As he was not able to decide on the further course of action, he advised me to consult an Infection control specialist to ascertain the nature of the infection and treat it accordingly.

In the meantime, my well-wishers started to pray for my recovery and performed daily pooja for Baba in the morning and in the evening. I also participated in the pooja most of the time and Baba slowly and surely made me surrender to him.

By seeing the reports, the infectious disease specialist could not come to any conclusion on the nature of the disease. He suspected that the infection could either be a tumor or Spine Tuberculosis. My health condition was quite normal except the back pain and therefore he suggested me to try the TB medicines. He also suggested me to consult another spine specialist to get a second opinion. As per his advice, I did consult a senior spine specialist in a leading hospital and he also advised me to try out the TB medicines rather than going for any surgery. So, I started to take the TB medicines as advised by the doctors. An MRI was taken 3 months later and to everyone’s surprise, the infection started to wane significantly. I was advised to continue with the TB medicines for another 6 months. Another MRI was taken after 6 months and due to baba’s blessings, the infection disappeared totally. The back pain also started to subside as the days progressed.

The mental agony that I went through for nearly 11 months could not be described in words. I could pull through this only because of Baba and his blessings. I experienced lots of miracles that he did for me during those 11 months. He is still guiding me and showing me the right way to lead my life. I will always be grateful to Baba for what he has done to me.

That’s all devotees about how Sai baba Saved his life and don’t forget to post your experience and miracles with Shirdi Sai Baba. In case if you are interested in this: Profit in Food Processing Business.


  1. Baba is great..he will not leave his devotees empty handed….he will be watching us where ever we go and what ever we do…..when baba is in your life there can be no fear in your future…Om Sai Ram


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