Sai Baba Miracles: Sai Baba Convinced Me, Sai Baba Cured My Dad’s Illness

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Sai Baba Convinced Me

I am always attached to my parents, especially my father. Recently I lost him, I always used to worry about him and think about their well-being. Always daddy’s little girl. He got sick, even I had a dream that he lost in the crowd and I was searching for him but I didn’t understand the warning sign, my bad luck. But he fell sick and was not improving, I was praying to Baba a lot but on 4 April 2021 we lost him, I was so angry at Baba, even I could not meet him one last time or perform his last rite so was very upset with Baba.

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Sai Baba Miracles

Then the next day after his last rite I flew to India from UAE for other rituals, on the way sitting in the car was very sad. Just then a bus with Saibaba’s idol came and stop near our car. I looked but was sad. But then realized that it was his time to leave the earth so he left. And Baba was telling me that your dad is with me, don’t worry I will take care. If you believe wholeheartedly, Baba will definitely come n help you and will never leave your hand.

Sai Baba Cured My Dad’s Illness

Om sai ram to all devotees. I’m here to share my recent experience with Sai Baba. First of all, my mother is a firm devotee of Sai Baba, and in September I had a major issue, and at that moment she told me to ask for help from Baba since no one else could help me out. I started fasting for nine Thursdays, as per my mom’s advice, and all of a sudden, thanks to Baba’s grace I found myself out of that scary situation which led me into depression.

After this experience, I started to feel more connected to Baba, and my faith kept increasing until I found myself in another threatening situation where I felt hopeless. I’m talking about my dad’s illness. Recently he was diagnosed with a mass on the bladder, and I started to search on the internet to get more information about it. But after searching I got very anxious because every symptom that my dad had, was relatable to cancer. We were all very scared.

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At that point, I prayed Baba to help us, and on 6th January (Thursday), I started fasting. In the meantime, the doctor said we need to do some tests, and one of those was the urine test which showed the presence of some different cells, and in 90% of the cases, this is due to cancer. It was January 13th, when I got to know about the urine test reports. I was desperate after I read it and again prayed to Baba that it should not be cancer. We consulted another doctor, and he said that my dad needs urgent surgery since the mass could develop and turn into something uncurable.

Then 20th January, again Baba’s day, was the day of my dad’s pre-hospitalization. After all the tests were done, he came home, and I prayed Baba to take care of my dad since next week my dad’s getting surgery, and nobody from the family can accompany him to the hospital due to covid restrictions. Thanks to Baba, everything went well during the surgery and my dad came home. After that, the doctor called me and said that now we have to wait at least 10 days to get the histological examination and that only will determine if the mass was a tumor or not.

Those days of waiting for these reports were the hardest, I cried, I didn’t want to eat, I was desperate and kept praying to Sai Baba that reports should be free from cancer. Finally, on February 10th (Thursday), the doctor called me from the lab and said that everything was fine and there was nothing to worry about, confirming that there was nothing like cancer. I cannot express in words how I felt that moment, I cried happy tears. I can never ever thank Sai Baba for this.

To all the devotees, if you also feel hopeless, just close your eyes and remember Sai Baba, pray to him that i’m giving all my worries and problems in your hand, and he will take care of everything and will never break your trust. Just have faith and patience. OM SAI RAM.


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